Book Review: Ashes of Honor by Seanan McGuire

353 pp.

In Ashes of Honor, Toby finds herself on another missing child case. This time around, it’s the teenaged, changeling daughter of Etienne, one of Toby’s fellow knights. (A daughter Etienne never knew about because her mother had hidden her.) When Chelsea disappears in full view of her friends, her mother contacted Etienne, believing he had kidnapped her. (Word to the wise; if you are a Sidhe, do not every date a professor of folklore. It never goes well.)

The situation is complicated by Etienne asking Toby to keep their liege lord in the dark about Etienne’s indiscretion. (Toby points out that she is not going to be able to keep this from their boss for very long. Etienne protests that he wants to find the right time to tell Sylvester. Toby’s response is that the right time had better be soon.) Other complications that arise are political troubles stirring in the Court of Cats, and Tybalt’s nephew and heir going missing in and incident related to Chelsea’s random teleports. All of this leads to the very suspicious actions of a faerie noblewoman who is up to no good.

It turns out that Chelsea was kidnapped, but not by her father. The people who kidnapped her want her because she has the same teleporting talent as her father, only much more powerful, and without any control over her ability. (As a result, the poor kid is randomly teleporting into parts of Faerie that have been closed off for hundreds of years; this is a very bad thing.)

Toby has the kind of adventures that make you remember that “adventures” are often terrible things happening to someone else very far away. I really enjoyed her interactions with Chelsea’s mother and the way the entire case was reminding Toby of her own kid and the family she had lost. (It was very well done in that it was just the right amount of sad without being full of overwhelming angst.) I also liked her interactions with Tybalt and the way it was slowly becoming clear that Tybalt wanted a romantic relationship with her. (It was nice to have my suspicions finally confirmed.)

This was another highly enjoyable book in the Toby Day series, a very fast read that I managed to finish in a few hours (because I did not want to put the book down).


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