GBE2 Blog On Prompt 84: Sinking Ship

This is for GBE2 Prompt: 84 Decision 

 So, the longest job I had was working as a dock associate at a department store. (I have mentioned this before in other posts.) This job basically involved stocking the floors, offloading trailers and assisting the sales associates with the clean up after the store closed. I had this job for eight years. There was no opportunity for advancement with this job and there was a cap in payment at under nine dollars for most of the time I was working there.

During the time I was working there, the environmental condition of the store began to deteriorate. And by deteriorate, I mean that the when it rained, the roof leaked. (Yes, it rains enough in Arizona that this can become an issue.) Eventually we were no longer able to use the top floor as a sales area because of the water damage. There were periodic rumors that the store was closing, which the managers denied was going to happen, but the situation kept getting worse and I knew that I would either have to quit, or get a transfer to a store where I didn’t have to deal with extremely dirty water and periodic lung infections. (The managers also claimed there was nothing wrong with the air quality in the building–which doesn’t explain why I kept getting sick, usually after it had been raining.)

I attempted to apply for a transfer to another store, though the assistant manager did not seem to think that I should attempt this. At the same time, I learned from an acquaintance that her job was going to be hiring. The job involved working in a call center, doing market research over the phone. I was extremely hesitant about attempting to apply to this job, but the situation at the department store was becoming extremely stressful due to some not very pleasant interactions with co-workers and the management staff. I wanted to see if I could attempt both jobs at the same time, but that did not look like something that would be possible given the hours and scheduling.

So I decided to quit the department store job, even though I had not actually gotten hired yet at the market research job. (I did not even try to get a two weeks’ notice.) This was an extremely hard decision for me to make since it was one I had to make quickly. I quit but finished the week, and then took the training classes for the market research job, which ended up lasting almost five years until I got laid off when the company decided to close its Phoenix call center.




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