GBE2 Blog On Prompt 85: I Don’t Want Much, Just Everything

This is for GBE2 Prompt 85: Wish  

What I mostly want this year is the same as what I wanted for the past three: to be financially solvent. I would like a job and/or have my writing or other online projects take off in a way that means I have money and can start paying off my student loans. I would like an opportunity to actually use my web design degree and I would like to redo my portfolio in such a way that it looks like I have skills. I would like to have less stress this year and I would like to be less miserable and depressed.

I would like to do more writing and catch up on my Codeacademy lessons which I completely let fall out the window because of stress related to my failure of a Job Hunt. I want to learn JavaScript and increase my skill sets as far as CSS and HTML are concerned. (The DeVry Web Design course does not teach HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. They tried to teach drawing but were largely unsuccessful in that regard.) I would like to write more original fiction this year and maybe, possibly, tentatively get it published. (I would also like to write more fan fiction but this is not the blog where I usually talk about that.) I would like to get into an rpg online of some kind as long as it does not interfere with all the other things I want.

I would like to be a better conversationalist as I keep stepping on the wrong toes. I would like to have more and better conversations all around. I would like to be less shy and afraid of stepping on the wrong toes in general. I would like people to actually listen to what I say and understand what I mean when the words come out the wrong way around. I would like to be a better artist and draw correctly in perspective which is not a thing I have ever been able to do. I would like to get a mouse that has a scrollwheel that works but that will depend on my becoming financially solvent.


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