Manga Review: Kamisama Kiss Volume Nine, Julietta Suzuki

Kamisama Kiss Volume Nine opens with Tomoe asking what Nanami and Mikage had been talking about. Since they had been talking about Tomoe, Nanami is understandably evasive. Next we see that the convention has come to a close. Okuninushi, the kami of the shrine where the convention took place tells Nanami that she did a good job. Nanami takes the opportunity to ask Okuninushi if it is wrong for a human and a yokai to be in love. Okuninushi tells her that if the relationship is something that can end if he says “no,” then their relationship wouldn’t have lasted very long to begin with. (Nanami also asks about the competition that had been arranged between her and Kayako. Okininushi assures Nanami that he actually admires Kayako very much, and intends to visit her!)

Before going home, Nanami visits Kayako and they have what amounts to a girl’s night out. Kayako seems much happier and easy going, which Nanami mentions. Kayako says that Nanami has also changed. They talk about romance and Nanami mentions that she saw Kirihito. Kayako becomes very excited by this and calls Kirihito’s home. (Kirihito however is not available.) Kayako apparently doesn’t have any hard feelings about the way she was dumped. In fact, she seems quite willing to pursue the guy.

Meanwhile, Kirihito is approached by an apparently low-level yokai named Yatori who claims that he wants to join Kirihito’s quest to restore Akura-oh. Kirihito does not think very much of this yokai who apparently can’t see that he is Akura-oh, but agrees to allow Yatori to work for him. (It turns out however, that Yatori is up to something, though his goals are not very clear.)

The next bout of romantic shenanigans coincides with the reappearance of Kurama. Nanami gets dragged to a go-kon (a kind of group dating experience) which greatly upsets Tomoe. (Mostly because Mizuki seems to believe that a go-kon is a meetup for swingers. Fortunately, Kurama is able to explain the actual purpose of the go-kon.) Mizuki decides it would be a great idea to crash the party in his snake form, which leads to Nanami scolding him and Tomoe pretending that Mizuki is his pet. Tomoe seems either scandalized or jealous about the night out and decides Nanami should go home (talk about mixed romantic signals, fox-boy).

The next arc begins when a young tengu turns up, looking for Kurama. Kurama learns that his father, who is the leader of the tengu community at Mount Kurama has fallen ill, resulting in a succession crisis. The tengu who might become the next leader is Jiro, who is very unpleasant, very abusive, and the main reason why Kurama left the tengu community. Kurama decides to go home to see what is going on, and Nanami decides to accompany him. The arc also ties in with the Kirihito story line, because it appears that Yatori is working with Jiro to get control of the tengu community. (There is a strong implication that Jiro is probably the reason why Kurama’s father has fallen ill.) The volume ends with Kurama asking Nanami and Tomoe to help him deliver a special medicine to his father.

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