GBE2 Blog On Prompt 88: Playlists!

This is for GBE2 Prompt 88: Music

One of the things that I do is create playlists for writing or just for general listening while I am reading. Sometimes I create playlists for a specific story, or for a movie, television series or a book. I also create playlists for my favorite characters from said entertainment media. (I will also talk about specific songs that remind me of one character or another with my friends.)
My usual method for picking songs for a play list goes something like this:
  • Lyrics must match the character, or a situation in the story.
  • The song’s theme or mood matches the theme or general mood of the story or character.
  • The music’s genre fits the era/genre of the story. (This is not nearly as important as the lyrics or the general mood. On the other hand if you are writing a hardboiled gumshoe type you should have hardboiled gumshoe music to listen to!) 
I will usually go through my iTunes music library for the appropriate song.  On other occasions, I will just be listening to iTunes and a song will come up that is perfect for whatever playlist I have been working on. When I hear a song that will fit, I just add it to my playlist. I usually have my iTunes set on “random” just in case these serendipitous songs come up. Occasionally this is spooky! I will be working on a writing project and the randomizer will somehow manage to come up with music that perfectly matches the mood of whatever it is I am working on. Of course, it is probably more likely that I am just paying attention to the songs that fit the mood, not that my iTunes shares my taste in entertainment media. (Maybe.) 
If you have a particular playlist you like to listen to when writing or reading a favorite book, feel free to let me know. (I could use some good music recommendations!)

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