Reading Homestuck Part Thirty Three:==>Dave: Do the Timey Wimey Thing

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We next see AR and WV doing something mysterious. And by mysterious I mean weird and slightly confusing. The pumpkin, a number of mail boxes and cans appear to be involved. I am not sure what this present is supposed to be. Oh wait, it’s a crown. PM is watching this scene from a distance, and seems to be very agitated or possibly surprised!

Then we shift to a long discarded memory. We see the Parcel Mistress armed with a black sword. She is apparently seeking an audience with royalty. It turns out this is an actual audience, not an attempt to fulfill Jack’s hit list! PM explains everything that has happened to her so far and asks for the White Queen’s help. The White Queen abdicates, giving PM her ring and crown. She then sends PM to the King, who is at the battlefield. PM is told to take the King’s crown, and receive further instruction from him.

In PM’s present, an astonishing thing happens–the Windswept Questant instead of taking the crown, crowns PM instead.

Next, Rose is directed to speak to Jaspersprite. Jaspersprite is about as helpful as a cat who is also a princess themed tentacle monster can be! (That is to say, he is helpful in a roundabout way while looking for something to eat.) He explains that the world has a Denizen that has probably eaten all the fish (which is why he can’t catch any) and that Rose’s Title is Seer of Light. He is not able to go into too much detail on what all of that means because he is only a cat. Rose realizes that he is not in very much control of the information he has and tells him that he was a good cat. Then she pesters Jade.

Jade is able to clarify the information Jaspersprite gives Rose. She explains that everyone has a “dream self.” Rose correctly guesses that a large part of the reason Jade can be so mysterious and confusing is because she is talking in her sleep. (In fact, this conversation is taking place while Jade is asleep.) Jade also reveals that John is not the only one who has written on the walls in his room. Rose is a little dismayed to discover that she has been unknowingly writing on the walls! Jade mentions that “he” said he was going to tell Rose about this.

Rose decides to contact Dave. She asks him to take a screenshot of her room and send it to her. Dave however seems to be away from his keyboard. Rose asks Jade to get Dave’s attention via the Sburb interface but Jade says no. Dave has made her promise not to bother him when she’s asleep. Rose tries to get Jade to do it anyway, but Jade does not want Dave to find a way to make her punch herself in her face again.

Next, we see what Dave is busy doing. There is a meteor headed right for the apartment, the crowsprite has created a nest of horrible phallic puppets, and the object Dave needs to get into the game is in the nest. Dave is climbing up to the nest. Will he make it in time?

Next, John is directed to wait for further instructions.

gallowsCallibrator offers to help him fix the rocket pack. She has a friend who might be able to untangle the mess of code that resulted in the rocket pack being completely unusable. He captchalogues the rocket pack and sends her the code. The code for the fixed rocket pack is PCHOOOOO.

John blasts off while the room fills with imps.  Next is a [S] command. Dave: Accelerate.

Dave is in an environment full of lava and clockwork machinery. He is also dressed up in a suit and looks spiffy and surprisingly badass as he takes out various monsters. The second prototyping he chose for his sprite was Lil Cal. Lil Cal is extremely disturbing since its major attacks seem to involve smuppets in some way. Dave is directed to confer with Calsprite but Calsprite is only able to laugh in an obnoxious manner. Dave pesters Rose.

From Dave’s exposition, we learn that they have been in the game for four months. Jade is probably dead and they have not heard from the trolls since the trolls tricked John into getting killed by his Denizen. Dave wants to “go back.” Rose thinks they can still go further with the game and tries to talk him out of it. The crux of the problem is existential. Dave wants to go back in time to change the past. Depending on your time travel theory of choice, either she will be trapped in a dead end alternate timeline or she will simply cease to exist. Neither prospect is something she looks forward to.

Dave thinks that if Rose goes to sleep that her dreamself will be able to transfer her memories to the new timeline. This is not a certain thing however. They talk some more, and Dave is directed to “reverse.” We next see Dave on the roof of his apartment which is in the middle of an ocean of magma. This is some point in the past, before Dave prototyped the crowsprite with Lil Cal. We see a repeat of what we know will be Dave’s last conversation with John. There is however a slight change, because Dave tells John to wait up, which John does.

Future Dave has a message for John, telling him not to go off after the Denizen or he’s going to die. John thinks this is some kind of joke, because sometimes, John is stupid like that. John asks for proof that there is a Future Dave which Dave is not sure he can actually provide since any Dave would still be Dave. Future Dave takes over the conversation and tells John not to do it, and lays some very heavy “if our friendship means anything you’ll do what I say,” ultimatums on John. Future Dave also states he will stick around to help make sure nothing goes wrong.

And then he prototypes himself.

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