GBE2 Blog On Prompt 89: Meditation

309895_10151469419389453_1093514455_nIt’s a cold gray day and she finds him down by the water with a fishing pole and a six pack as an excuse. It is debatable whether he wants company or not and she is not inclined to interrupt with conversation for no reason. He in turn is not inclined to object to her presence and the only indication that he appreciates it is a glance and the slightest of smiles.

For her, meditation required a place to sit or occasionally walk. It involves counting breaths and not thinking of any particular thing. For him, meditation was a highly suspect occupation of time that needed to be disguised by some other plausible activity. Heaven forbid anyone see him engaging in something suspect or “new-agey.”  

(She very politely never calls him on this. She is not even going to mention that the six-pack hasn’t even been touched. Nor will she indicate his luck with fishing usually isn’t this bad; he’s been out here for an hour and still hasn’t caught anything. The subterfuge is endearing to her and she doesn’t want him to feel self-conscious.)    

She sits nearby but not too close and watches the wind, the clouds, the light, the water. She does not watch him, but his presence is felt and is comfortable to her. She counts her breaths and doesn’t think about any particular thing.  

So. They are both meditating.

Eventually he does catch fish. She goes back to the house for the portable grill and they have dinner by the water.


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