Reading Homestuck Part Thirty Four:==>John: Continue to be really gullible!

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 We cut briefly to a scene where John is heading off in his rocket pack. Below the image is another image of John with the caption THIS IS STUPID.

 Then Rose pesters Dave. This is a repeat of the request she made during her conversation with Jade. Then we see Future Rose preparing for her nap, though she isn’t certain she’ll be able to drop off automatically. The next direction is for Future Dream Rose to cease to exist, which she does. The next point is an [S] command. Future Rose falls asleep.

 Next, Davesprite trolls GC. He expresses his extreme irritation with GC, who does not seem to care very much. From her perspective, John is not dead, was never going to be dead, and the fact that she got him killed in an alternate timeline does not matter. Davesprite continues to warn GC off from contacting John again. There is also an interesting interaction where GC and Davesprite almost seem to be on amicable terms except for the threats. 

 Then Dave and Davesprite chat. Davesprite lets Dave know that he has a lot of information that he cannot give away except through riddles. He does however let Dave know that he’ll answer any question Dave asks. Davesprite also lets Dave know that he has a lot of sweet gear that Dave can use. Dave however does not ask any detailed or game related questions. They are both just really chill about this weird situation.

 The next >prompt is “meanwhile, hundreds of pages ago.” In the past, we see John receiving the bunny from the Con Air movie. Dave included a letter thanking John for the gift that John had sent him, and hoping he liked the bunny. This memory affects present John in a way that keeps him from going off to certain death. Dave pesters John and they talk for a while. Dave is not happy that John is still  using the rocket pack though he is mollified to discover that John will not be trying to go through gate that leads to certain doom. Then carcinoGeneticist trolls John. Dave is extremely sarcastic about having anything to do with the trolls, but John decides to talk to carcinoGeneticist anyway.    

carcinoGeneticist gives away a lot of information about the game to John. He tells John that he and the other trolls are hiding out beyond “the Veil” which is out past Derse. They trolls ended up in the Veil after their session was ruined by John and the other kids’ session. The Veil is full of meteors and some of the meteors have labs and other strange things. During an event called the Reckoning, all of the meteors go toward Skaia. Skaia can block some of them, but not all of them. After all this exposition, carcinoGeneticist heads off.

 Next is another [S] prompt. Jack: Ascend. This animation gives us a general heads up of everything that is happening simultaneously at the moment. We also see Jack as the Black Queen attempts to force him to wear the obligatory princess/jester outfits everyone is wearing. Jack kills the Queen and takes the ring she was wearing. This causes Jack to undergo a transformation. This animation also marks a year of the web comic’s overall existence.

The next commands are “locate fourth wall” and “activate.”

What comes next is what is described as a highly indulgent self-insertion into story.

Andrew Hussie gives us an overview of What Has Gone Before. The next command indicates that the reader wants Hussie to do something less boring than an overview. Hussie decides that showing us his Creative God Modding Powers would be less boring but the reader disagrees. Hussie eventually returns to the story.

While John is flying around in his rocket pack, he gets trolled by GC. She attempts to send him a map, which John wants nothing to do with, since she got an alternate version of himself killed. GC apologizes for the incident even though as she points out, from her frame of reference that never happened. She eventually talks John into using the map to go to the second gate. What looks like a startup at 3% complete is actually just a GIF image. What is beyond the second gate appears to be Rose’s Land of Light and Rain. John crashes through Rose’s window. We see that the walls are covered with the word “Meow.”

Rose is fast asleep, despite the noise the crash must have made.

Next, Davesprite pesters John. When John complains that GC tricked him again because he is not through the second gate he is now at Rose’s house, Davesprite points out that the second gate does in fact go to Rose’s house. Davesprite does not think very much about John’s intelligence because he is still talking to GC. He helpfully explains the way the gates are connected to each other and the other planets in the system. John wonders how Davesprite knows all of this, which should have been obvious since Davesprite is from the future. John asks to speak to real Dave, which seems to offend Davesprite.

Then Dave comes on and John confesses that he might have pissed off Davesprite. Dave however claims that Davesprite was not offended because Davesprite is him, and therefore completely chill with being told he wasn’t the real Dave. (This seems to be accurate because Davesprite brushes off John’s apology.) When Dave learns where John is, he decides that he’s going to help John snoop around Rose’s room.

John’s next direction is to snoop.

John is not actually willing to snoop, because it would be weird. Dave tells him that he should definitely snoop through Rose’s journals, but again, he is not willing to do that. So Dave tells him to at least clean up the place since John wrecked it with his rocket pack. John agrees to do this! Then Dave tries to get John to show him the captcha code for Rose’s books. John does this, and Dave pretends to rag on John for snooping. John also spots the present Rose was getting ready for him. Dave tells John to check out the present, since it was technically his anyway. The next command is for Dave to zoom in. He is able to get a close view of the captcha code for the books.

Next we see dream-self Rose. She floats down to the window of a tower, holding a ball of yarn. This is Dave’s room, which looks a great deal like his apartment. We can see Dave who appears to be sitting at the computer and may or may not actually be awake. We also see Lil Cal who is also dressed in purple pajamas and is randomly teleporting around the room.  Dream-self Rose bonks Dream-self Dave in the head with the ball of yarn. This causes awake-Dave to conk out and then wake up in the room on Derse.

The next direction is for John to check Rose’s bookshelf.

Part Thirty Three | Part Thirty Five


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