Article: Five Web Comics you should be reading right now

This is a not-quite-random list of a few favorite web comics. A few are pretty long running and may be familiar with the reader.

Gunnerkrigg Court, by Tom Siddell

This is a continuing web comic that is a blend of fantasy and science fiction. The heroine of the comic is a girl named Antimony Carver who ends up at a boarding school that is a strange combination of Hogwarts and Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. The school is in a state of cold war with a nearby enchanted forest, which is how a great deal of the plot is generated.

I recently got a new Examiner Title: Phoenix Web Comic Examiner. This article was thrown together mostly so I would have an first article. Currently working on a Homestuck article. (Feel free to suggest web comics I should be reading.)


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