Reading Homestuck Part Thirty Six :==> AR: Do mad tricks for great justice, yo

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On GA’s monitor, We see the previous conversation that GA had with John, who was pretending to be Rose (badly). With the viewport now on, GA is able to see Rose for the first time.

Rose is directed to examine the laptop. Rose sees the little interaction between John and GA. Her next direction is to go and find John.  Rose takes note of phenomena she already knows the reason for, which we are informed by the narrative, is a silly thing to do. What is even sillier is that despite Rose noticing the door was ajar, and also knowing John likes playing pranks, she still opened the door. The bucket that had been propped up there lands on her. The contents of the bucket were Hellacious Blue Aneurysm Gushers. Rose’s prankster’s gambit sinks to an all-time low as a result.

Next, John is directed to equip trusty rocket. He has decided to do a little exploring, since Rose isn’t awake yet. For unknown reasons, he decides to take “Dr. Meowgon” with him. He blasts off before Rose can get to him. Not to be outdone in the randomly renaming creatures game, Rose renames Dear Sweet Casey “Viceroy Bubbles Von Salamancer.”

Dave is directed to be the puppet. Dave does not know what this means, and he is actually pretty glad to be rid of it. Lil’ Cal falls, but is caught by a rocket skateboard that doesn’t appear to be piloted by anyone. This may or may not be extremely creepy.  Someone who is probably the pre-apocalyptic AR spies Lil’ Cal’s trajectory and decides to follow it, because this is ridiculous and also probably illegal.  Lil’ Cal transportalizes, and AR follows after him. (Again, mirroring the other encounters followed by transportation to an unknown location.)

 John does some exploring, until he finds a boat (Mom’s boat) that has come to a small island with some ruins in them. He decides to investigate. This would of course be the ruins that Mom disappeared into, followed by Maplehoof. It turns out that the reason why there had been so much grist is because there were a lot of powerful monsters inside this ruin! (Monsters I might add, which had been quickly slain by Mom. The lady in questions has some hidden baddassery going on here.) Using Fear No Anvil, John defends himself from the monsters.  Then he goes to stand on a random platform which is of course the transportalizer. (Which he did not even know was a transportalizer because he never saw anyone get transportalized. John apparently goes to stand on random strange possible dangerous devices for the heck of it. John, you have no common sense at all, do you?)

John ends up in a lab, which he is directed to explore. Interestingly enough, we can see that all of the previous transportalizations have all led to the same location. (Lil’ Call is there, Dad’s beaten up hat is there, the joke book is there and so on.) Further into the lab, we see some kind of strange mad scientist set up involving creatures being made from what look like giant chess pieces. John is directed to ride the pony! (Given his luck with pogo rides, this would seem to be contraindicated.)

John finds a suit that looks as if it were designed with him in mind. John is directed to put it on, which he does. It is called the Junior Ectobiologist Lab Suit. He also sees a terminal with four monitors.

Meanwhile, AR is directed to resist the urge to ride Bro’s rocket board. AR fails to do this, and is very enthusiastic about riding this rocket board, doing mad tricks and doing the justice thing. AR is directed to pop a wheelie. On a rocket board.

While AR is out getting outrageous vacuum, (except it probably isn’t vacuum because he isn’t imploding and neither is John) PM is leaving for the battlefield. She is going to seek the counsel of the White King!

She does not realize that she is being trailed by a Courtyard Droll, who should be pretty obvious on account of his extremely massive hat. (He also appears to be impaled through the middle by a cutlass.)

CD is directed to pick PM’s pocket. (It possibly doesn’t work as well as intended, because she definitely becomes aware of someone coming into contact with her pocket.) CD’s attempt at theft turns out to be successful; he now has possession of the White Queen’s ring. PM departs on a shuttle, unaware of the theft. 

Meanwhile, CD is contacted by the Draconian Dignitary, asking him how the mission went. The mission was successful. It appears DD is now taking orders from the Sovereign Slayer, formerly Jack Noir. DD informs CD that he no longer has to wear the stupid outfit. Oddly enough, CD apparently really likes his outfit, especially the hat. He insists on wearing the stupid outfit. Then we see dream-self Jade, who ambushes CD.  Then we cut to dream-bot Jade, who is pummeling Grandpa Harley.

Dream-self Jade takes the White Queen’s ring from CD, but is unable to give it back to PM before she leaves for Skaia. Jade decides to put the ring on, so that she won’t forget about it. Since putting this ring on causes a transformation to occur, this would seem to be a bad idea! However, the ring doesn’t work that way on humans, so nothing happens.

Next, a War-weary Villein rises up in hopes of ending eternal warfare. The next command is an [S] command and leads to an animation depicting WV’s revolution. His revolution is ended when the Sovereign Slayer turns up and kills the Black King. Simultaneously we see PM meeting with the White King, and we also see the White King’s scepter go over a waterfall.  We also see a sequence where there is a panel set with icons, one for each of the sprites currently in session. (Seppucrow is the third that we see added to the panel. The remaining one is probably for Jade.) 

 The next command is for Rose the alchemize a bunch of cool stuff.

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