Book Review: Hinterland by James Clemens


463 pp.

Hinterland is a slightly dull mix of adventure and political intrigue. For political reasons, the Shadowknights decide to reinstate Tylar, now the regent of Chrismferry, as a knight. This is supposed to be symbolic of the unity of the Realms. What it ends up being is an immense point of contention when the Cabal makes their move and a group of disgruntled gods decides to destroy Tashijan so they can get Tylar. (Whom they feel should not be regent because he is mortal.)

Meanwhile, a young Hand named Brant turns up with a mysterious connection to Dart and the Rivenscryr sword. (He has a stone that was given to him by a rogue god. The stone and the rogue god’s skull interact in a strange way that is important to the plot.) This leads Tylar and several others on a side quest to Brant’s homeland and the Hinterland to find rogue gods who have been enslaved by the either the Cabal or the Wyr. (It is not very clear what the situation is.)

This is one of those books where the worldbuilding is more interesting to me than the actual plot or characters. (I had a similar reaction to the first book, Shadowfall.) I am not entirely fond of the prose, mostly because the writer is of the kind who absolutely refuses to use the word “said.” (This is a thing that is somewhat exasperating to me.) A lot of the action and interactions are somewhat muddled, and there is so much going on that it was somewhat difficult for me to follow what was going on.

A few bright points in this book are Brant and Dart. Brant was an interesting and engaging character I ended up being very fond of. I really liked their interactions, especially since they both have an “in over their head but won’t let that stop them,” attitude that I enjoy. Unfortunately, Brant and Dart were the only thing I really liked about this book. I found it very hard to get into the book or maintain my interest in the storyline, except where Brant or Dart appeared.

Hinterland: Book Two of the Godslayer Chronicles onAmazon

Godslayer Chronicles #02: Hinterland on Powell’s

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