People, Poverty and Phones (or the Woman on Welfare doesn’t have an iPhone)

Basically people who complain about poor people who have cell phones or good HEAVENS a CAR make me want to scream. Especially since part of the reason I can’t find work (aside from wrong skillsets, lack of “experience” and a multitude of other problems) is because I don’t have “reliable transportation.” (In other words, a car.)

Sunflower Chalice

This morning I woke up, and I as I tend to do, after centering prayer and meditation, I checked through email, texts, Twitter and Facebook.  I’d feel bad about this except a friend has explained to me this is the modern equivalent of heading down to the corner coffee shop for coffee and chatter with the other regulars.

I found this graphic on my news feed, posted by one of my facebook friends.

Every day, I work with people living on the very edge of our society. I work with people on welfare and people so near the bottom of our society they can’t even get financial assistance due to a lack of residence or inability to prove their identity and so on.   The work I do with these folks, of necessity requires phones and phone numbers. If they can’t come in to my office in person, they need to…

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