Manga Review: Kamisama Kiss Volume Ten, Julietta Suzuki

Buy on AmazonIn Kamisama Kiss volume ten, Nanami helps Kurama solve the succession crisis brewing at Mount Kurama. Since Nanami cannot enter the male-only environment of Mount Kurama, she disguises herself as a boy tengu, while Kurama poses as a tochigami, thanks to Nanami’s “substitute tochigami” ofuda. (It is effective enough that Kurama is able to order Tomoe to act like a cat.) The plan is for Kurama and Tomoe to distract Jiro, while Nanami and Botanmaru go looking for Sojobo, Kurama’s father.

 The plan is only partially successful! The attempt to distract Jiro fails, but Nanami is able to discover that  Kurama’s father is not sick, his soul had been stolen, causing him to turn to stone. The culprit responsible is of course Yatori, who wants control of Mount Kurama. This discovery leads to a search for Sojobo’s soul and Nanami using her power to create a barrier to destroy the barrier created by Yatori. (Yatori’s barrier is why it is so dark on Mount Kurama, and thus the reason why the cherry tree will not bloom.) Oddly enough, it turns out that Jiro was not aware that Yatori was responsible for what happened to Sojobo and ends up helping Nanami in her efforts to restore Sojobo’s soul. (So, it turns out that this was not something that Jiro had planned to gain control of the mountain.)   

 We learn that Jiro has a crush on Nanami! He seems to think that she is a “maiden of the skies,” or at least looks like one. It also turns out that Jiro has some pretty deep-seated issues about strength and power that are the reason why he is such a cold hearted jerk. Nanami being Nanami, she eventually manages to inspire Jiro to try being less of a jerk. (Meanwhile, Tomoe is jealous and aggravated because anyone else being attracted to Nanami is deeply annoying to our friend the fox.)

 The Tomoe and Nanami dance of romance has a few interesting twist and turns aside from yet another not quite romantic rival. There is a point where Nanami accidentally ends up crawling into Tomoe’s futon, and a few moments where Tomoe is exasperated with Nanami because he is worried about her. There is very little mooning over each other in this volume, but expect to be slightly exasperated if you are annoyed by Misunderstandings That Would Be Rectified If The Characters Bothered to Talk to Each Other Ever. A lack of communication tends to be the major fuel for most romantic comedies and Kamisama Kiss is no exception. This volume was an enjoyable read and the interactions between Nanami and the people she meets continue to be extremely entertaining.

Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 10 on Amazon

Kamisama Kiss #10: Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 10 on Powell’s


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