Manga Review: Kuroshitsuji Volume Eleven, by Yana Toboso

buy on AmazonAt the end of volume ten, the young doctor rushes back to the manor because of a hunch. His hunch proves to be correct, and Ciel and Sebastian are willing to reveal the real secrets of the case. (Or at least a good deal more of it than you would expect.) Sebastian also reveals his real form to the Doctor, which causes him such a fright that he is inspired to continue writing. (Sebastian is the scariest muse ever.)

Next, we discover that Snake very correctly blames Ciel and Sebastian for the disappearance of his friends in the circus. We also discover that Soma, who was not in the loop concerning the case, assisted Snake in getting to the manor. (Dear Ciel, do not put someone in charge of one of your properties if he is not fully informed of what you actually do for a living. Soma may be a fool, but this is entirely your own damn fault.)

Using a number of half-truths and white lies, Ciel is able to win Snake over, and gives him a place with the Phantomhive staff. Our friend Snake is given the job of footman! It is remotely possible he might become as much of a footman as Finnie is a gardener or Mae-Linn is a maid! Sebastian comments that he hopes that Snake is easy to train, and Ciel seems to offer a compliment about Sebastian’s skill as a teacher. Sebastian however states that his skill as a tutor can’t be that good, since Ciel is still not a very good dancer.

Ciel discovers that Elizabeth will be going on a cruise with her family. Elizabeth wants him to come with her, but he refuses because he is too busy. He changes his mind about the cruise when it turns out that a recent case involving human trafficking and highly questionable medical experiments leads him to a secret society that claims it can raise the dead. (It also turns out that the grim reapers have an interest in the case as well.)

If the last arc was a tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, then the present arc is a tribute to Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. Ciel discovers that the secret society is in fact able to raise the dead, though they are not alive. They are in fact revenants–homicidal ones. So what we also have here is a zombie arc.

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