Manga Review: Kamisama Kiss Volume Eleven, Julietta Suzuki

Buy on Amazon.Volume eleven of Kamisama Kiss opens with a slight misunderstanding concerning weddings! Nanami agrees to perform a wedding at the shrine contingent on Tomoe’s approval. Somehow, this becomes “Nanami is going to ask Tomoe to marry her!” This results in the usual fight between Mizuki and Tomoe. Things get straightened out though everyone is a little perturbed when Nanami declares that she is never going to get married anyway. It turns out that the marriage she’s agreed to perform is the future marriage of Himemiko and her human boyfriend. This is not a match that Tomoe anticipates ever working out, but Nanami does not see a problem with it.

Later, Tomoe and Mizuki have to go on an errand to the “toshigami’s” shrine to get an ofuda for the year. Nanami decides that she should accompany them. When she gets to the toshigami’s shrine she sees a torii gate with her name on it. She goes in and then turns into her past self. Tomoe and Mizuki end up wandering around in her memories from when she was a little girl. We learn a great deal about Nanami’s family life! We also learn why Nanami never wants to get married. (Not really a spoiler: it’s because her father was a no good louse who gambled and then skipped town.)

Tomoe interacts with the child-version of Nanami and has a serious slip of judgment! Mizuki gets accused of being a kidnapper, which Tomoe finds extremely funny! Then Nanami turns back to her real age, and fortunately, doesn’t remember Tomoe’s slip. There is some cute interactions with the toshigami and his dragon, and then everyone goes home.

While Tomoe is learning about Nanami, we also learn about Kirihito, who is still determined to get his body back from the land of the dead. Though Kirihito is kind of being a jerk to his human mother, he also seems to be somewhat emotionally dependent on her. (This is a drastic change from what we know of Akura-oh’s previous behavior patterns.) We learn a little bit more about Akura-oh’s history with Tomoe, and Yatori turns up to report his failure to take over Mount Kurama. Kirihito is still less than impressed by Yatori. Yatori meanwhile seems to be hinting that he knew and worked for Akura-oh, though Kirihito doesn’t seem to remember him.

Next, Nanami accidentally throws away some old wooden ofuda while cleaning up in preparation for New Years. This leads to Nanami accompanying Tomoe on a trip to a yokai market. Nanami gets herself into trouble, but more or less manages to rescue herself with only a little additional help from Tomoe. The volume ends with Jiro and Suiro showing up at Kurama’s home in the city. We can anticipate from this that next volume will be romantically complicated for Nanami and Tomoe.

Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 11 on Amazon

Kamisama Kiss, Volume 11 on Powell’s

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