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Book Review: The Heretic, by Tony Daniel and David Drake

317 pp.

The Heretic is the latest in the long-running General series by David Drake and one of several writers.  (The original series was co-written with S.M. Stirling. The first book in the latter series was co-written with Stirling, but Drake has switched co-writers since them.) I do not recommend the original series unless you are completely acclimated to Stirling’s early work, which was heavy on the “I have to show you how grotty and violent the world is with graphic eroticized sexual violence.”) Continue reading


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Book Review: Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger

Little, Brown Books

320 pp.

Etiquette and Espionage is a young adult novel that takes place in the same universe as Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series. (It is the first part of the “Finishing School” series.) Our Heroine is a girl named Sophronia who has the kind of childish, Tom Sawyer type adventures that are the despair of any parent that is trying to turn their daughter into a “lady.” After an incident with a dumbwaiter and a trifle, Sophronia is packed off to an elite finishing school. Continue reading

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Reading: Godstalk, by P.C. Hodgell Part Two

God-Stalk-cover-1smallThe first thing you have to understand about Godstalk is that you are going to have to slow your reading pace. If you’re used to devouring fast-paced novels quickly you are going to miss things, probably all of the things. Hodgell’s writing is both very poetic and very dense. She seems to try to get the most impact out of the fewest number of words in her sentences. If you tend to read fast, this can lead to you missing important details. Continue reading

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Book Review: Ironskin by Tina Connoly

302 pp.

According to the cover blurb, Ironskin is an inverted/reversed Beauty and the Beast tale. It also has echoes of Jane Eyre, though it is actually more Jane Eyre than Beauty and the Beast. Our heroine is a young woman named Jane who had been disfigured during a “Great War” fought against the fae. In order to keep others from being affected by the curse that comes with her disfigurement, she wears an iron mask.

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Reading Homestuck Part Forty: ==> Karkat: Talk to your annoying friends!

From here to here.

We get the second recap which lists everything that had gone on before. Since the purpose of this entire re-read recap is to go over what has already happened, there is absolutely nothing to report about it! I do however advise reading it when you get to it yourself. Next up is Act 5!

Act 5 takes place on a strange alien world with a pink moon and a green moon. This world is called Alternia, and somewhere there is a young troll and it is his “wriggling day.” Today he will begin a game, and Things Will Happen. Welcome to Hivebent, please keep your extremities inside the vehicle the entire time and do not attempt to feed the trolls. We hope you enjoy your stay. Continue reading

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