Reading Homestuck Part Forty One: Karkat: Insist on being the Leader!

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After a scene transition, we are introduced to gallowsCalibrator. Her name is Terezi Pyrope! She likes dragons a whole lot, and decorates her home with dragon scales and collects dragon plushies known as Scale Mates. She wants to be a “legislacerator” when she grows up and often role plays being one! Alternian law is very violent and brutal, if you couldn’t tell from a job title like “legislacerator.” (The job is something like a lawyer but also like a bounty hunter. I would compare them to the Assassin’s Guild in C.J. Cherryh’s Foreigner novels, but atevi Assassins are much more reasonable. And also, they are much cooler.) Her typing quirk (which all trolls seem to use) is writing in all caps and using the numbers of the Blind Prophets. (The numbers 3, 1, and 4, respectively.) She is currently the leader of the Red team, which will be competing against the Blue team.

Terezi is next directed to begin LARPing immediately! Terezi notes that it is hard to do live action roleplaying when you are the only person in the area who is alive. She is however willing to pretend her dragon plushies are alive, which is something she does to annoy people. This particular scenario that she is playing is a courtblock drama where she will be interrogating the perfidious Senator Lemonsnout! We also learn that there is no such thing as a “defense attorney” in an Alternian courtroom.

She goes through the entire scenario, where Lemonsnout is found guilty and sentenced to hanging. (There is also a song and dance involving a flipped coin, because Terezi believes this to be bad ass, and also because she gets to make really stupid jokes based off the fact that she is blind and therefore can’t resolve anything based on a coin flip because she can’t see the coin.) She hangs him out the window, along with the other criminals she’s executed.

Terezi’s home is a treehouse! In a very pretty pink and blue forest. We are informed that when Terezi enters the game she will be using her walking stick in a manner similar to the human superhero Daredevil. (She has never heard of him of course.) We then view a brief image that depicts Terezi clobbering imps in the game.

The next direction is for Terezi to recruit the other members of her team. (Terezi is able to “see” by sniffing and licking things.) She picks a girl with the handle arsenicCatnip, who is identified with the sign for Leo and is cat-themed. After some chatlog roleplaying, Terezi invites AC to come play on her team. AC is hesitant until she learns it is a computer game. Still, she feels the need to ask someone’s permission. Terezi is not happy about this and tell AC that the mysterious person is not her boss, AC however says that just to be safe, she should probably still ask permission.

Terezi next contacts TC, terminallyCapricious. There then ensues a conversation we’ve already experienced, but if you want to go back and re-read it, a link has been helpfully provided. The next person Terezi asks…well actually she doesn’t ask anyone yet, because she gets contacted by Karkat. Who is not happy. (Actually, he is never happy.) She is hoping that he hasn’t heard about the game, but unfortunately he has. He wants to be the team leader! In fact, he insists upon it! They argue about it in an backward sort of way where Terezi states she does not care if Karkat is the leader because she is the mature one. Karkat in turn accuses her of being more immature than he is, while still apparently arguing that he should be the leader. He magnanimously offers her second in command, but rescinds it when she is snarky about it. They have a very spiny sort of banter thing going on here!

Terezi is going to be Karkat’s server, which means she is going to be doing all of the house building. She will also be doing the decorating. And by decorating, I actually mean scrawling rude graffiti all over his hive. Karkat will be the Knight of Blood, and his planet is called The Land of Pulse and Haze. We get no hilarious alchemiter shenanigans this time around. Instead, we’re informed that Karkat creates the weapon Homes Smell Ya Later and some other cool stuff.

The Hero of Blood is extremely unhappy with his toilet being outside. (He refers to it as a load gaper, and sneers at Terezi’s “highblood” vernacular because she refers to it as a “toilet.”) She also demands that Karkat tell her what his blood color is, which Karkat categorically refuses to do. (Have a small aside here! Many moons ago, long before Homestuck was ever a thing I had a friend who wrote meta fanfic/original fic about strange creatures called “Darklings” who were extremely variable in both the appearance and the blood color departments. I feel that Homestuck trolls are much cooler though no less creepy and violent.)

Karkat and Terezi continue to talk in a way that closely resembles banter! Terezi declares his antics with his sickle to be adorable; he states that he is adorabloodthirsty and so on. They eventually discuss game mechanics, with Karkat wanting to be the next in the chain of server-clients. Terezi however says that he has to be the last because he closes the circle. Karkat objects to this strenuously. It turns out that Terezi neglected to mention the entire “if you start the game the world ends” thing to Karkat. Karkat is extremely unhappy about this, but Terezi must go afk.

A little while ago, we see one of those abandoned frog temples. This is underground! We see an eerie looking, raggedly dressed troll girl with ram horns and white eyes. She wears an Aries symbol and she seems to be engaged in destroying the frog temple.

Meanwhile a little later and somewhere else entirely, we see a be-ringed hand reaching for a bottle of Faygo. Whoever this is wears an Aquarius symbol and he really hates “land dweller” litterbugs. Later still, we return to the Land of Pulse and Haze where we learn that when Karkat ran TA’s program, he blew a hole in his hive, and destroyed his computer. Though we’ve been told this now, we’re told that we will be surprised when we see it happen later.

Karkat is next directed to deal with a crabby customer.

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