Close Encounter with a Fat Shaming Doctor

Recently, I was finally able to get to a doctor despite various problems with my insurance due to attempting to enroll shortly after a hospital visit due to a) anxiety attack due to high stress due to not being able to reach 100% productivity at work b) bronchitis and possibly a lung infection c) high blood pressure d) severe depression. The hospital visit was back in June and I was not able to find a doctor and get an appointment until July 9th.

I am currently 240 pounds and tend to range between 280 and 240. I am about 5’8”. According to the BMI, I am overweight. I carry most of my weight in my stomach and hips (and possibly also my bra). I have never been particularly healthy, having had chronic bronchitis and intermittent lung infections since I was a small child. When I was a kid, I was pretty skinny. I have never been able to run very fast and I am kind of an awkward, uncoordinated mess most of the time.

Most of my exercise is in walking. I have not been able to ride a bike in years because riding a bike makes my knees hurt. Exercising is extremely difficult for me because I have trouble breathing and my knees hurt. Despite this, I have intermittently been attempting to exercise. (Also, my recent job was nothing but walking and lifting heaving packages and then pushing a heavy cart to a drop off point. For ten hours straight except for brief breaks.)

My eating habits tend to focus on portion control as opposed to demonizing various kinds of foods! I do not feel there is such a thing as “junk food,” just food that is less optimal as far as nutritional value is concerned. (I am also a big fan of  The Fat Nutritionist and tend to follow her general advice/philosophy as far as food is concerned.) I tend to prefer veggies to meat and on occasion have been seasonally vegetarian.

The doctor decided to focus solely on my weight as a reason for my illness. Even when I told her I had had bronchitis and breathing and allergy problems. Even when I told her I was having a lot of problems with anxiety which was making my bronchitis worse. Her only interest was in my weight and she immediately attempted to put me on a no-carbs, no sugar, no fruit, only meat and veggies diet. When I pointed out that the BMI was not actually accurate she stated, “Well we still use it.” Neither of these issues would have mattered much to me if she had not done a third, very stupid, asinine thing.

She lied.

Now, I was given a number of prescriptions! And when the doctor realized I was going to be argumentative about the strict diet she wanted to put me on, she decided to pretend that one of the prescriptions had a number of dietary restrictions that just happened to coincide with the diet she wanted me on. Apparently, she did not think I was compos mentis enough (due to stress and anxiety and depression) to ask the pharmacist. Which I did. The pharmacist was very puzzled to hear about all these dietary restrictions concerning the medicines I had to take! He stated that he had never heard about these dietary restrictions, to which I replied, “okay, the doctor is a moonbat, I guess.” If you can’t tell, I am still extremely annoyed about this. Not just about the doctor lying to me about dietary restrictions but also because of the extremely random “here, have a strict diet with no regard to your actual nutritional needs because I think you’re fat!” Weight is not really a good indicator of general health. For every person who is extremely ill and also extremely obese, there is someone who is extremely sick and also extremely skinny. Likewise, there are extremely thin people who are extremely healthy, and extremely healthy fat people who can bench press 200 lbs. and high-kick you in the face.

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