The Warehouse Job

I have not been doing a lot of writing for the past few months because I have been working at a warehouse. In May, I was able to apply at a temp agency and after that was able to get a job at a warehouse. It turned out that this was one of those jobs that are easy to get but really, really hard to keep. On the eighteenth of this month I was told that I could either quit, (thus not being able to work for that specific company again) or resign. I picked “resign” even though I am not sure I could be well fitted to any of the specific positions with this company because of “work/life balance.” Another frustrating aspect of this situation is that I can’t just get another assignment with this temp agency. Not only does this particular temp agency only work with various warehouse positions in this city, they also make you wait ninety days and then reapply at the temp agency if you’re dismissed from the work assignment.

I latched onto the first position I was offered, which was “picking.” This involves scanning a bin, finding the item in the bin and then putting the item in a cart. When the cart is full, you take it to a drop off point. There is a lot of lifting and walking involved! We are talking about ten hours of walking very quickly and trying not to run into anyone. Ten hours having to navigate around people who occasionally have no interest in getting out of your way because they have to do something in the aisle! There were two fifteen minute breaks, which were actually ten minute breaks with the last five minutes reserved for getting back to where you left off. There was a thirty minute lunch.

Because I have been having some really nasty health problems that generally forced me to be unable to walk/exercise very much, the first week was pretty much hell. And so was the second week. And so was the third week. My bronchitis got worse and I was not really able to reach the required rate of productivity. I wasn’t fast enough, trying to go fast made me sick, my feet and legs never stopped hurting and at the end of the day I was barely able to walk. (The entire “not being able to walk after exerting myself the day previous” is a large part of why I ended up becoming more sedentary.) Another problem is that I have a learning disability that occasionally makes it really difficult for me because I will invert numbers and letters and thus, I would occasionally end up half a mile from where I was actually supposed to be. (Yes, I mean literally half a mile. The warehouse was about a mile long.)  Getting to work was also extremely difficult because of various bus route issues. (Fortunately, I was able to get rides from family and later, co-workers.)

With all of these negatives, it might seem kind of odd that I kind of do want to continue working with this particular company. I have to say that the “corporate culture” was very friendly and supportive. One of the trainers even bought me a pair of shoes when she saw that my old pair was not very good. (She also introduced me to Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit insoles which are completely awesome by the way.) My co-workers were extremely friendly and I made some interesting acquaintances.




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