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The “crabby customer” is a giant crab monster! This crab monster is the closest thing Karkat has to parental caregiver. Trolls are brood parasites who are adopted by monsters known as “lusus naturae.” After troll grubs pupate in the brood caverns and complete a number of trials, they are chosen by one of these lusus naturae who take them to the surface where “carpenter droids” build them homes to their specifications. It should be noted that the majority of adult trolls are not on the surface of the planet. Alternia is pretty much The Girl Who Owned a Lord of the Flies City Jungle Book.

Trolls sure are weird! (This is going to be a continuing refrain.)

he next command is an [S] command with a lot of question marks. This however is not a game or an animation the way it was with the four kids. It is a gif with Karkat flailing away at the crab monster. We see a refrigerator with an adorable picture of Crabdad stuck to the door. The narration tells us that eventually Karkat just gives Crabdad some chilled roe cubes. Next, we see twinArmageddons. We see that not only are his glasses red and blue, but his eyes are too. He has a theme-obsession for the number two and he could not resist sticking in a random joke about doing something on the double. We are informed that he is a very cool dude, he is so cool that we will need to be introduced to someone else first because the coolguy is just too cool for the likes of us.

It’s the feline troll again! She has a lot of artwork up on her walls. The environment seems pretty primitive as well. She lives in a cave and the lighting is being provided by torches. We do not get to learn her name because we’re about to be introduced to the coolguy after all. twinArmageddons seems to have a problem with moodswings! His name is Sollux Captor and he is apeshit bananas at computers! He is a brilliant genius hacker and he is an expert at apiculture networking. He created a game based on glyphs and runes found in an abandoned temple and he believes this game will be the salvation of his race, though he isn’t really sure how.

He is directed to equip his throwing stars to his strife specibus, but he does not need to do this, because he is a high level psionic! Sollux is directed to fling his throwing stars specibus-ward but this results in a disaster! The throwing stars take out one of his beehouse mainframes and the bees send him angry messages in beenary code. He is next directed to sample some of the honey. Sollux is very adamant about not doing this! The next direction is to calm the bees down, which proves to be a snap.

There is some narrative about what a superlative gamer dude Sollux is. This leads into the game that he is currently setting up, which is no joking matter. Sollux is directed to recruit the team leader. He immediately contacts Terezi and asks her if she wants to lead one of the teams. Terezi immediately calls dibs on the Red Team! They immediately start snarking at each other rather companionably about their little foibles. It’s clear that they like each other and also like teasing each other. Sollux states that he’ll lead the Blue Team and also says some fairly disturbing things about going blind and dying. The conversation ends with some friendly trash talking.

Now we are back to the raggedly dressed, white-eyed Aries troll girl! She is still vandalizing the frog temple. The narrative states that this action as entirely pointless and refuses to introduce us to the slightly scary white-eyed Aries troll.

The next command is for Sollux to deal with apocalypseArisen. AA contacts Sollux and asks him if he’s set up the teams. Sollux states that he is in the process of doing so. They have an odd, disjointed conversation where AA reveals that the game they’re going to play is actually destroy the world, not save it. Sollux states that he doesn’t want to play the game, but AA states that he has no choice in whether or not to play the game. AA is generally very spooky, disturbing and mysterious. Sollux does not like any of these things about AA. She also tells him that he isn’t going to be the team leader. Sollux gets annoyed because he feels that she’s jerking him around. He states that he’s also psychic, and tells AA to get off her “high hoofbeast.” AA states that she is “coming up.” Sollux asks what she means by that, but AA doesn’t answer. Sollux is told to “abort.”

This means he wants to call off the game. However, Sollux is not at all able to accomplish this. When he talks to Terezi it turns out that she decided to let Karkat be the leader. When Sollux contacts Karkat to call off the game, Karkat refuses because he believes that this is some kind of ruse of Sollux part. Poor Sollux. Karkat also brings up the mysterious red and blue curse code, which he decides to run, even after Sollux warns him not to. After some more mockery Karkat heads off to see what Terezi is up to.

Then Karkat’s computer explodes. The explosion blows a hole in Karkat’s hive. It also kills Karkat’s lusus. In fact, we’re informed that the chain of misfortune caused by Sollux’s Mobius Double Reach Around Virus results in the deaths of all the trolls lusii. Each of the kernel sprites except for one would be prototyped with a dead lusus. The good news is that the trolls would finally be able to talk to their lusii. The bad news is that the various royalty and minions will have the strengths and abilities of the lusii.

Sollux severely regrets sending Karkat that virus! He is so horrified and upset about this state of affairs that he decides to delete all of his other viruses. He also deletes a mysterious, yet very simple program. The main loop is tied to the lifespan of the universe. When the universe dies, a mysterious subprogram will be activated. Sollux doesn’t know what the subprogram does because it runs on a protected part of the server and it is not hackable. The image we see is the program with a tiny animation involving billiard balls. Actually deleting this virus doesn’t do any good because it is already running somewhere else. Sollux does not really understand the purpose of a program that only executes after the destruction of the universe, which won’t be for billions of years. (Say hello to Chekov’s Gun.)

The narration tells us that the program summons a demon that goes to a great deal of trouble to set up the situation for his arrival. In fact he recruits agents and minions who have the job of creating the circumstances for his eventual arrival in the universes he decides to predate. This demon has a great deal of power and can travel through time. We are also told that the virus is essentially a formality.

The demon is already here.

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