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Book Review: Box Office Poison, by Phillipa Bornikov

316 pp.

Box Office Poison is a slight departure from the urban fantasy/paranormal romance cocktail of first person narrative, female character in some kind of criminal justice field, supernatural romantic interest with possible triangle. (It is also apparently the second book in a series, though I only found this out from the blurbs on the back of the book.) In this case, our heroine is Linnet Ellery, a human lawyer working for a vampire law firm. The basic set up is “at some point in the past all the supernatural beings decided to come forward and reveal their hidden presence.” In this case the supernatural beings are werewolves, vampires and elves. Continue reading


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Book Review: Sea Change by S.M. Wheeler

304 pp.
Sea Change is essentially one of those fairy tales where the protagonist must negotiate a series of deals in order to obtain his or her objective. Our Heroine is a young woman named Lilly whose home life is best described as dysfunctional and estranged. Her only friend is a kraken named Octavius. When he turns up missing, this leads to a sequence of events where Lilly is forced to leave home and go on a quest to find him.
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Book Review: Heir of Autumn by Giles Carwyn and Todd Fahnestock

466 pp.

Heir of Autumn is the first book of a fantasy series. This not only the first book in the series, but also the first book written by these authors. First novels always seem to be at least a little awkward. The writer or writers haven’t quite hit the tone they were aiming for, the prose or dialog might be a little stiff, the pacing might be off. Even if the writer has previously been published, the first novel is often immediately recognizable as a first novel. It is sometimes difficult for me to like a first book for these reasons, and I think that might be part of the reason I did not like this particular book.  Continue reading

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Book Review: Limits of Power by Elizabeth Moon

492 pp.

Limits of Power begins with a continuation of the scene where Echoes of Betrayal ended. The elves are extremely alarmed to find that their Lady has been slain and immediately jump to the conclusion that the humans are at fault. (For an Elder Race they are very good at jumping to conclusions and very bad at critical thinking.) Kieri is able to straighten things out eventually, and in the course of the investigation discovers that the palace has a security breach of sorts: secret magical patterns that elves can use to enter or leave the castle, which is how the evil “iynisin” elf managed to enter the castle to attack the Lady. Continue reading

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Appointment Adventures

The last week of August was full of appointments and frustration:

Tuesday, I had to go apply for COPA which is a health discount program. I was not able to get it on that day because I did not have enough information to prove that I qualified for COPA. (I needed to get a letter from my parents say that I lived with them and was not currently working/earning money. I also couldn’t provide them with my last paycheck stub or a letter saying I had been employed at the temp agency. This because a) I had direct deposit and therefore no last check stub and b) the temp agency would only give that information if it was directly requested by the agency or company, NOT if the former employee requested the information.) This was extremely stressful and I was a complete mess at the end of it. I was able to reschedule for Friday. Continue reading

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