More Appointment Adventures

Sometime last week I had a medical emergency that landed me in the hospital, and then at Community Bridges in Mesa, which is some kind of inpatient/outpatient facility for those with mental health issues. Which currently describes my current state of health. What happened is that I have very little money to further my goals of a) getting mental health services b) acquiring physical health services. These two difficulties resulted in hospitalization.

On the bright side, I might be able to get my psych meds free via some charity organizations. The problem is, I have to call to arrange an appointment for them. This is a problem as I will soon also lack regular transportation. (In other words, I don’t think I’ll be able to afford a bus pass.) I was however able to arrange to apply for ACCCHS. I was also persuaded to apply for foodstamps though I am having trouble getting an interview. (The line is either busy or I get told that representatives are handling other customers and then get hung up on.) Fortunately for ACCCHS, the reps will be calling to interview instead of the reverse. (I have no idea of how feasible it is to apply for foodstamps while the government is in “wah wah we’re all going to go home instead of doing our jobs” mode.)

I just need to figure out how to explain “I am technically self employed but due to mental health reasons I am not able to write very much which means I do not make any money.”  And also “I am not attempting to seek work outside the home at this point because I have physical health problems that seem to be making working or finding work extremely difficult,” topped by, “I am attempting to apply for disability though I apparently gave the Social Security People the Wrong Dang Address and they Keep calling to ask what it is.”

Other things I need to do:

  • Arrange appointment with Pulmonologist before “Copa Care” runs out.
  • Somehow, actually afford it.
  • Get psych meds before something stupid happens
  • Somehow get a bus pass
  • Somehow keep my current therapist who I more or less have a rapport with.
  • Look into other therapy places that might be free according to Community Bridges Lady.
  • At some point, actually clean the damn back room.
  • Get some writing done (working on it.)
  • Try not to have another meltdown

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