Finding Meaning and Purpose by NaturalPantheist

Humanistic Paganism

The theme for the rest of this month at HP is “Finding Meaning”.  

As a Naturalistic Pantheist, I have a naturalistic and non-supernatural worldview. So the question has to be asked –- is it possible to still have a sense of meaning and purpose in the universe.

There are really two ways to answer this question: You can either take the route and say, “No, there is no inherent purpose in the universe, but we can make our own purposes and meanings for life.”  After all, who really wants their whole life purpose decided by someone or something outside of them and giving them no real say in the matter?

There is also another possibility…and that’s to use a sleight of hand and change the language from “purpose” to “calling.” Calling is perhaps a softer way of saying that there is something we need to do with our lives. Are…

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