Random blogging about appropriation

So a blogger of [specific ethnic group] does not like the idea of [people not of their ethnic group] writing [specific ethnic group] characters because [people not of their ethnic group] will invariably fuck it up. (Anecdotal evidence suggests that this is a legitimate feel because wow, there is a lot of bs about this specific ethnic group out there.) The blogger is very vocal about not liking [people not of their ethnic group] trying to create [specific ethnic group] characters, and yet [non ethnic group] writers insist on asking [specific ethnic group] blogger questions about their [specific ethnic group]. 

So I am now trying to figure out how [appropriation=any use or interpretation of themes or characteristics/beliefs/customs/practices of another culture]  fits in with representation, where you want a variety of different ethnic groups cultures represented in your writing. How would you avoid one thing without excluding the other. You’d get the really kind of obnoxious homogenized assumed Western/European cultures from conservative military sf writers.

To use an example what are you supposed to do if you are writing about an area where there are a large number of [specific ethnic group] people but people who are [specific ethnic group] do not want you to write about them because you will get it wrong. Is it less wrong to write about [specific ethnic group] and get it wrong, or is it less wrong to simply erase their presence? (I will remind everyone of a specific incident where a fantasy author “erased” Native Americans from the New World because they did not want to deal with “getting it wrong” and were more interested in having vicious magical megafauna.)

In related news, when someone vociferously and repeatedly states that they have no intention of helping you by giving you information, you should probably realize if you ask them for information they will get angry with you and tell you no. And that they will continue to tell you no, even if you compliment them. I cannot think of a greater waste of time than talking to someone who doesn’t want to talk to you.

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