Book Review: The Serpent Sea by Martha Wells

Night Shade Books
331 pp.

In The Serpent Sea, Moon and the other Rakshura of the Indigo Cloud Court travel to their ancestral territory to rebuild their colony. When they reach the mountain-sized tree that had been the former court, they encounter a number of problems. The first problem is that their tree is dying because someone has stolen the magical “seed” that maintained it. The second problem is that Indigo Cloud has a long-simmering feud with one of their ancestral neighbors, the Emerald Twilight Court. (The feud has to do with an Indigo queen who decided to abscond with one of Emerald Twilight’s consorts.)

After a not-very-successful diplomatic mission to Emerald Twilight, they learn that they can’t replace the seed with a new one. This results in a quest to find out who took the original seed and get it back. Their quest to retrieve the seed leads them to a city built on the back of an immense sea creature.

Moon and the other must confront the wizard who stole the seed and somehow get it back. (It’s a good thing that the wizard has a lot of enemies, including some prisoners he coerced into stealing the seed in the first place.) Of course, getting the seed back is only part of the adventure. It turns out that a queen from Emerald Twilight is just a little too interested in Moon, which results in a kidnap attempt that doesn’t go very well. 

In this book, we get a lot more background concerning Rakshura customs, and there are a lot of interesting interactions as Moon learns more about his kind. This is another solid adventure tale with intriguing world building and many twists and turns of plot. Wells is great at creating complex characters with at times alien yet sympathetic motivations. I really enjoyed the character interactions and the setting. 

The Serpent Sea (The Books of the Raksura) on Amazon

The Serpent Sea (The Books of the Rakshura) on Powell’s Books


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