For Various Reasons, Basic Income Looks Like a Good Idea to Me

So I was reading through one of my blog rolls and someone posted some articles about basic income and job scarcity.

Next Big Future

A basic income of about $10,000 per US citizen would work mathematically

(Warning for TOO MANY ADS. Seriously, I feel embarrassed for the person behind this blog. Interesting article but the HUGE ADS get in the way. On the other hand, maybe huge ads work for them better than my nice relatively discreet ads. Maybe they get more clicks and therefore money than I do because of people accidentally clicking on the huge ads.)


America Has Hit “Peak Jobs”

(This article is also good but extremely depressing. There is some mention of the concept of a “post-scarcity society.” The author does not seem very optimistic about one occurring.)

The New York Times (Magazine)

Meanwhile in Europe…

Switzerland’s Proposal to Pay People for Being Alive

(Another interesting article that also mentions the “basic income” concept as applied to the US, as a method of fixing some of the welfare problems. [Said welfare problems include: multiple places you have to apply to get services, tons of paperwork to see if you qualify, and so on. I am also mentioning “stupid people complaining that you have a cell phone,” but that is a different rant.])

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