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Update from the library!

So last night saw even MORE drama than previous episodes. I am informed that Drama is often part of the way of life at a group home/ halfway house. There was a major kerfluffle with one of the newer girls. (Communication problems and meltdowns from a girl with some deep issues complicated I suspect of having been socialized by Newage moonbats because there were a lot of newagey rote phrases coming from her. The girl was on the autistic spectrum and was really not understanding the entire “you are accidentally insulting everyone in the room, so please stop talking, okay?” thing.) The situation ended with the girl leaving and the rest of us getting put on restriction until one of the house managers could come and settle things. I am really hoping that girl is okay because she has not the common sense the Universe gave fluffy bunnies. Continue reading


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Book Review: Dark Currents by Jacqueline Carey

356 pp.

With Dark Currents we have the usual paranormal romance/urban fantasy storyline of the babe with a law enforcement job with the usual possible romantic options. There are also some complications concerning Our Heroine’s parentage: our girl is half incubus and her existence represents a danger to reality itself. Daisy Johannsen is the liaison between her tourist trap town’s police department and the eldritch community. More specifically, she works for Hel (Loki’s daughter not her dad’s hometown). Daisy becomes involved with a case involving the drowning of a college student. Since all signs point toward the eldritch community, this is not a good situation for Daisy’s home town or the eldritch community. Continue reading

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Reading: Godstalk, by P.C. Hodgell, Part Three

galleryphoto_872_lgsmallThough Godstalk is generally believed by fans to be the best book in the series, it does have some flaws. The biggest being the sudden shifts in pov at certain points. Very few fans will point this out however, though they tend to be more critical of later books. (I did not actually spot many of the problems until after I had read the book a few times.)

Even with taking the flaws into account, Godstalk’s is one of my favorite novels because of the rich prose, surreal background and the engaging main character. Jame is curious as a cat, and we soon learn that piquing that curiosity results in the “cat” deciding to play with what interests her. In this particular chapter, Jame will become very personally interested in Tai-tastigon’s god infestation, thanks to an encounter with a priest. Continue reading

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Book Review: The Given Sacrifice, by S.M. Stirling

369 pp.

The Given Sacrifice brings the Rudi Mackenzie arc of the series to a close as Rudi and his allies close in on the Church Universal and Triumphant. The narrative covers the last battles with the Cutters, skating over the eventual defeat, and introduces characters that may become important in later books. The last few chapters cover the early years of Rudi’s daughter Orlaith and Rudi’s final battle. (I am not sure this counts as a spoiler since it has been pretty heavily implied that Rudi has a relatively short shelf life.) Continue reading

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Reading Homestuck Part Forty Four: Tavros> Learn why you shouldn’t play games for girls

From here to here.

While Sollux flips his lid, we get introduced to the silly cat girl troll! The silly cat girl’s name is Nepeta Leijon and she is possibly only silly to trolls, because she is actually a fierce huntress living a somewhat feral existence. She is also a romantic who really likes to speculate on romantic relationships. Her “trolltag” is arsenicCatnip and her quirk involves using a smiley reminiscent of her lusus, who is a large cat with two mouths. Nepeta is directed to retrieve claws from arms. It turns out that she is secretly Wolverine, and she has gauntlets that produce very long sharp blades. It is basically a cestus from heck. (Or in this case, Alternia, which is pretty much heck.) Continue reading

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Book Review: Imager’s Battalion by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

509 pp.

In Imager’s Battalion, Quaeryt continues to further his goals in between leading imagers in battle against Bovaria and playing military chaplain. Since a part of his goal is to find ways to make imaging useful (which it is not, given that very little is known about the ability), the war gives him plenty of opportunity to do science. He also makes a few discoveries about a previous civilization that used imagers more extensively than his society, and learns more folklore related to Pharsi “lost ones.” He does not however discover why the locals are so superstitious about “black rabbits.” (As an aside, every time someone mentioned a black rabbit I’d fill in with “of Inlé,” for which I blame Watership Down.) Continue reading

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Reading: Survivor by Octavia Butler Part One

survivor-smallSurvivor is technically a part of Butler’s Patternist sequence, except Butler disowned it. She also referred to it as her “Star Trek novel” for reasons which may soon become clear. I acquired Survivor via slightly sneaky means, in this case a pdf. file that I downloaded. The copy has a lot of typos and in general is kind of cruddy but still readable. Continue reading

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