A More Detailed Update That I Probably Should Have Wrote Out Previously

There has been capital-D drama all week. The halfway house I am at had two leave takings of varying degrees of animosity, a person who had left returned briefly only to abscond again and I spent most of the week flailing around trying to get a new cell phone, attempt to get things in order with Magellan and AHCCCS and the like and attempt to solve the “rent problem” and also the “laundry” and “lack of money to pay for toiletries or laundry” problem.

Some set backs that occurred involved the aforementioned leavetakings and the Once Previous Resident. I was able to get a cell phone but promptly ran out of minutes because no one else had a cell phone with minutes and I had to go buy more minutes. I would not have minded the house manager borrowing the cell phone, but Once Previous was also sucking up minutes and turned out to be that precise kind of person who is deeply and utterly emotionally manipulative and fake-nice to point where I was driven straight up the wall. (I am still extremely annoyed about that.)

Also, this drama caused the housemanager to have a major anxiety attack and she had to go to the hospital.

I am told I can pay the weekly rent with foodstamps but that is going to run out very quickly since the rent is weekly and I only get 189 a month. (Also, there is apparently a 2 for 1 thing as far as the foodstamp amount goes.) I found out that I was in fact judged SMI (whoo) which means I get a caseworker, who I was able to see yesterday after I got an intake. I was not able to get the prescriptions or all the way “temp enrolled” so I wouldn’t have to pay for them because I had a curfew.

After trying all week I was able to get the proof of residence form from She Who is Evidently Very Busy. I also gave her my resume in hopes that she might have some kind of social media thing I could volunteer to help her with and that could be my rent. My cover letter was kind of haphazard though. I am currently attempting to get more things in order and to schedule other things but there is a very hurry up and wait thing going on that I am finding to be very frustrating.

Monday I have to call the clinic so they can get me enrolled so I can get my prescriptions. I need to arrange another appointment with my caseworker and also arrange an appointment with someone who might be able to help me with my benefits.

I am kind of more or less accepting donations¬† but I would like to also direct everyone to my writing blogs and portfolio. I do affiliate marketing, which means that the “on powell’s” and “on amazon” links get me a small commission if anyone buys something. I also have AdSense and SocialSparks. Clicking on those ads means I get a small commission. (Even if you can’t buy anything signal boosting would be awesome. And/or reblogging or sharing reviews or other articles. Comments would also be nice.) Also web design leads might be good?

On Blogger:

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Web Design Portfolio of Rena McGee

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who has helped out so far.


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