Reading Homestuck Part Forty Three: > Sollux: You do not ever eat the mind honey!

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At this point, Sollux’s lusus is raising a ruckus. The reason involves meteors that are beginning to fall outside. (Sollux lusus is a two headed Cyclops, or rather, a bicyclops.) The creature is so large it has to live on the roof of Sollux “hivestem.” There appear to be some slight parallels between Sollux and his lusus and Dave and his Bro. This should not surprise anyone, since Sollux is defined as “the cool kid” of the trolls. (There are also some parallels between Dave and Sollux which will become slightly more apparent if you think about them.)

After a couple of pages, we encounter a troll girl with white eyes dressed in ragged clothing. Her symbol is an Aries sign and she has curled ram horns. The next command is >Be the other girl. Of course, this was a very nonspecific command because there are six girls. We get grimAuxiliatrix, who is wielding a chainsaw. She is standing on the head of a creature who is presumably her lusus. She is also out in the daylight when all the other trolls have been nocturnal. She lives in a tiny oasis in the middle of a desert, next to some frog temple ruins.

The next command is to stop being the other girl.

We are now one of the boys! This is adiosToreador, the troll who was attempting to troll Dave. His name is Tavros Nitram. He is a boy with a variety of interests which include fairytales and roleplaying games. He is able to telepathically commune with wild animals, which he uses to play various card games that pit animals against each other. Due to a mysterious “accident,” he no longer plays live action roleplaying games (because he is in a wheelchair). He speaks in a faltering manner which is emphasized by his typing quirk, and he enjoys slam poetry. The next command is for Tavros to commence with his various games!

Tavros kickstarts a game of FIDUSPAWN which is a great deal like Pokemon except the monsters are real, with his lusus Tinkerbull. (Who is a tiny adorable fairy winged bull.) Tavros starts off with a critter called Horsaroni. No actual combat occurs! Instead monster and fairy bull take a nap. We follow Tavros through his day as he attempts to navigate through his hive and into his “recuperacoon” which he does not exactly fit in very well do to the size of his immense longhorn rack. We also discover that Tavros is extremely Peter Pan themed, and is a big fan of a work of Alternian literature called “Pupa Pan.”

In the future, we learn that Tavros will eventually acquire a pair of cyborg legs, courtesy of the guy who likes to build robots. (Truthfully, the guy also likes to break robots, which is why he builds them in the first place.) We learn that the troll girl with the chainsaw will be the one to remove Tavros’ legs so they can be replaced with robot legs. But this is in the future! In the immediate present, Tavros must deal with AG, who is arachnidsGrip. He does not do very well at dealing with AG, who is something of a bully, and whom Tavros has difficulties standing up to, even with the aid of his imaginary personification of his self-esteem, Rufio.

Next, Tavros talks to TC! This conversation seems to go much better. Tavros and Gamzee engage in some slam poetry. The narrator informs us that this is the worst rap off in the history of paradox space.

Next, we see gallowsCalibrator. She is wandering through a forest fire to find her lusus, who might be about to hatch. Her lusus is of a rare species of dragon that is born blind, and apparently can only hatch in the heat provided by a meteor struck forest fire. The narrator takes the time to tell us that dragons are in fact real. Despite the fact that her lusus has been inside an egg for all this time, she has been very helpful! Dragonmom taught gallowsCalibrator how touse senses other than sight to see with, and many other things. Though GC doesn’t know it yet, Dragonmom is doomed to die the moment she leaves the egg. Fortunately, Dragonmom will be prototyped to the kernelsprite by a helpful ally.

The next direction is to be the other, other girl. This would be the mysterious and raggedly dressed Aries troll. The next direction is for the other, other girl to be rendered in a more symbolic fashion.

The new girl’s handle is apocalypseArisen. Her name is Aradia Megido and she once had a number of interests. Right now, her only interest is setting up this game. Or rather, the dead people she is listening to want her to set up SGRUB and she is masterminding everything via a great deal of half-truths and trickery. She hears dead people, and she just wants to see the world burn.

Aradia is next directed to retrieve her computer. Since she is using a Ouija fetch modus, it is not actually up to her to retrieve her computer, it’s the spirits. Aradia’s computer is a Bing Crosbytop! She is also being trolled by GA! GA appears to have advanced knowledge of what is going to transpire! That is to say, GA appears to be aware that this game is going to destroy the world, not save it. GA attempts to appeal to a sense of responsibility that Aradia does not actually appear to possess, trying to convince her to not go through with all of this. Aradia however is immovable like an immovable thing which is immovable.

Next, Aradia checks on Sollux. This is a conversation that has already occurred, and there is a helpful link provided should you want to review it! Next, Aradia goes up. We see that Aradia is not the only thing going up. (Bicyclopsdad is also going up.) Then we see that Aradia is getting trolled by AG. Aradia appears to be popular with the ladies tonight! arachnidsGrip appears to be entertaining a number of notions about her current relationship with Aradia! That is to say, Aradia is dismissive and AG is under the impression that they are in cahoots in some manner that will lead to some kind of rivalry. Also, AG indicates that she has a surprise for Aradia.

The next command is to be the mysterious spider girl, but the mysterious spider girl is just way, way too mysterious to be at this point in time. So instead, Sollux gets back into contact with Aradia. Sollux and Aradia argue a little about the situation currently at hand (the end of the world and the game) and Aradia eventually tells Sollux she is outside the window and he should come to the window. Sollux is reluctant, but Aradia is insistent. He heads to the window, and someone snaps their figures, causing Sollux to fall asleep…in the mind honey.

Sollux does not wake up until everyone else is in the Medium. The sleep he had, we’re informed, will greatly assist his teammates, but at this point he needs the first person to pull him into the game or he is toast. When he does wake up, he discovers that some of the mind honey had gotten into his mouth. This is not a good thing. It is a very, very, very BAD THING.

Sollux crackles like some kind of mad science experiment with lightning. After accidentally eating some mind honey, Sollux goes boom, bright red/blue fire bursting from his eyes. He completely blows the top off of his hivestem, incinerating his lusus in the process.


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