Book Review: The Siren Depths by Martha Wells

Night Shade Books
265 pp.

In The Siren Depths family drama gets mixed with interpersonal drama when Moon discovers that he has living relatives. Living relatives who are attempting to reclaim him. Due to some communication failures, Moon decides he’s being shipped off to his newfound relatives because he is a failure as a consort. (The communication failure basically boils down to Moon actually being very young and poorly socialized due to the entire “grew up almost entirely alone and is kind of traumatized by it” thing. The poor guy has epic abandonment and trust issues.) The situation becomes even more complicated due to the Fell who have shown up in order to cause trouble, as only terrifying nomadic predators with bad touch tendencies can.

The situation results into a tangled mess that results in some new discoveries about the relationship between the Fell, the Rakshura, and the precursor species both groups are descended from. Before we get to the discoveries however, we get to watch Moon have an epic sulk over the series of misunderstandings that lead him to believing his new family abandoned and rejected him. And by epic sulk, I mean he makes himself horribly sick and scares his friends half to death. (You know you love a character when you simultaneously want to hug him and strangle him.) Eventually things get straightened out and everyone gets a better insight into exactly how messed up poor Moon is.

Overall, this was a great adventure with some family drama thrown into the mix. The pacing was excellent and Moon continues to be a fun and engaging character even when in the throes of his abandonment and trust issues. There are some really great moments as his friends pull him up out of his doldrums and he interacts with his relatives.

The Siren Depths(The Books of the Raksura) on Amazon

The Siren Depths (Books of the Raksura) on Powell’s Books



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