Book Review: Dark Currents by Jacqueline Carey

356 pp.

With Dark Currents we have the usual paranormal romance/urban fantasy storyline of the babe with a law enforcement job with the usual possible romantic options. There are also some complications concerning Our Heroine’s parentage: our girl is half incubus and her existence represents a danger to reality itself. Daisy Johannsen is the liaison between her tourist trap town’s police department and the eldritch community. More specifically, she works for Hel (Loki’s daughter not her dad’s hometown). Daisy becomes involved with a case involving the drowning of a college student. Since all signs point toward the eldritch community, this is not a good situation for Daisy’s home town or the eldritch community.

The worldbuilding for this urban fantasy novel follows the “magical beings as second class citizens and mostly hidden,” format. There are some signs that there is a great deal of prejudice directed toward eldritch beings with the usual justification that eldritch beings are generally predatory and dangerous. (There is also the usual attempt to make the predatory beings seem sympathetic despite their predatory nature, but this is one of the cases where the sympathy doesn’t seem too irrational or forced.)

Carey does some deconstruction of the traditional urban fantasy/paranormal romance “babe in law enforcement with two potential romantic interests,” storyline in this book. It turns out that the werewolf cop she has a crush on is never going to have a committed relationship with anyone but another werewolf. (Also, he is dating someone else. There is a subplot involving Daisy trying to decide whether outing him to a friend who is dating him is for selfish or unselfish reasons since she has a crush on him.) The other potential romantic option is a ghoul named Stefan. Fortunately, he eats emotions, not people, and seems to be good boyfriend material if like Daisy you are in eternal danger of flipping all the tables and just letting the world burn in the least metaphorical manner possible.

Daisy is a fun character and the worldbuilding is interesting and entertaining. I definitely recommend this book which has a good balance of humor, romance and drama as the case unfolds. I am looking forward to reading any sequels that turn up.

Dark Currents: Agent of Hel on Amazon

Dark Currents: Agent of Hel on Powell’s Books


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