Update from the library!

So last night saw even MORE drama than previous episodes. I am informed that Drama is often part of the way of life at a group home/ halfway house. There was a major kerfluffle with one of the newer girls. (Communication problems and meltdowns from a girl with some deep issues complicated I suspect of having been socialized by Newage moonbats because there were a lot of newagey rote phrases coming from her. The girl was on the autistic spectrum and was really not understanding the entire “you are accidentally insulting everyone in the room, so please stop talking, okay?” thing.) The situation ended with the girl leaving and the rest of us getting put on restriction until one of the house managers could come and settle things. I am really hoping that girl is okay because she has not the common sense the Universe gave fluffy bunnies.

I was already extremely tired from shenanigans taking place that morning about one a.m. to like three. (Said shenanigans involved me being kept up by a woman who was not having a good night and spent a lot of time pacing and muttering.) It was therefore really, really hard to stay awake while the house manager lectured us for a half hour about following rules and trying to be more compassionate to our fellow residents. There was also some guilt-tripping about how a lot of us were allowed to stay here despite not being able to pay the rent. (Thanks, that’s not increasing my general state of anxiety at aaaaaalll.)

Yesterday I was able to write a silly little article and post to Examiner. I have a bunch of other articles planned, most of them web comic reviews. I want to do some web design articles, but I am still pretty blocked on most of my writing. At least I have my web design books out of storage, now I just need to do some reading and hopefully coming up with ideas. (I am toying with the idea of putting up some more social media articles.)

Some progress has been made in regards to the job hunt, though mostly of the “get together information for master application and re-re design your resume” variety. I put up my new resumes some time last week and I have plans to visit various store application kiosks. I have been going to see the job counselor on a weekly basis. Since we now have “productivity sheets” meant for recording visits of this kind, I will soon have a record documenting the various appointments I go to.

I have a reduced fare bus pass I can’t actually use because I don’t have the special ID card you need to have a reduced fare pass. I am deeply annoyed by this, because I just filled out the disability paperwork for it last week and it’s going to be two weeks or more before I get the special ID card. Theoretically, I can still get around by arranging for the the clinic to call transportation for me, so the situation isn’t that dire. (I cannot actually call the transportation people myself, because AHCCCS does not seem to have my new address, even though I got it changed. They are apparently dealing with a huge influx of people applying for AHCCCS so it’s likely they haven’t gotten around to fixing things for me yet.) I had to buy a few daily passes because my current pass runs out on the fifth of February.

I came to the end of my minutes on the cellphone a couple days ago, but got new minutes a day later, which relieved my general panic. I still plan on buying more minutes if I run out because 250 minutes run out very quickly given how often I’ve needed to be on the phone lately, and how long I’ve been on hold.

I am still pursuing applying for SSI! That is to say, my application is still being processed. I’ve been calling the disability office on a semi-regular basis, trying to find out if they got the last questionaire I had to fill out. I’ve been told that the next step is an examination. I am slightly freaked out about this because of the situation when I first got assessed by Magellan. (The first time Magellan assessed me, they didn’t think I was mentally ill, the second time they did judge me mentally ill, but still.) Yes, I do realize that the Social Security office and Magellan (the local behavioral health provider) are two separate entities and mostly don’t operate the same way, but I think I’m allowed to conflate things because bureaucracy.

Next week I have a doctor’s appointment. I’ve currently gotten some new meds for my asthma/bronchitis and the high blood pressure. I am slightly annoyed because the doctor has not understood me on the problems I’ve been having with musclepain related to walking/being active in anyway. I am afraid that she probably thinks the pain I’m talking about is just because I am out of shape as opposed to being something else. This is kind of frustrating because I am talking about an abnormal amount of pain that does not go away even once I should have acclimated/gotten used to walking/exerting myself. I am kind of tempted to do a “live demonstration” by deliberately over exerting myself except hobbling and stumbling for the next few days does not actually appeal to me. I will attempt to bring this up again at the next appointment.


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