Reading Homestuck Part Forty Five: Aradia > Be the dead red Aries

(I’m sorry. I’m not sorry. I could not resist putting in a reference to the fan work “Dead Red Virgo” in this title.)

From here to here.

We are switched to a vague teaser of the last unseen troll! We see a cuttlefish, which is being prodded by a trident held in the hands of another troll. We don’t see very much of this last troll, but she wears a lot of bling and a Pisces sign. She is also kind of cute.

The next command is for Aradia to go home. She is riding the head of the frog statue from the temple. Her mission is to start the blue team’s session. Before she gets started, she visits the ruins of her former hive. We get some veiled references indicating that Aradia died and was then given the job of setting up the game. The next command is for Aradia to start the session.

We learn that despite all this jockeying for leadership going on, the title of “leader” is essentially meaningless, because all the leader does is enter the Medium first. Aradia is aware her co-leader will make a power grab to become leader and doesn’t care because she had planned to enter the Medium second. Aradia is next directed to connect to her server player. Then she prototypes the giant frog head, which she has been informed will be the key to success. Nepeta, who is Aradia’s server player, has no idea of what Aradia is even doing.

Next, Aradia enters the Medium. Aradia is the Maid of Time and her planet is The Land of Quartz and Melody. We discover that the reason Aradia wanted to enter second, is because the blue blood has a present for her that the player would not have been able to deliver otherwise. We also discover that a great deal of Nepeta’s confusion is due to the fact that Nepeta could not actually see Aradia. Aradia was very cagey about the reason for this! Aradia does not become visible to Nepeta until she prototypes herself.

This is because Aradia is a ghost.

Nepeta is directed to interrogate the frog girl. Aradia is very cagey about how she died, and asks that Nepeta not tell anyone. Nepeta agrees to this, and Aradia signs off.

Aradia is directed to be the huge bitch!

The huge bitch is arachnidsGrip. Her name is Vriska Serket and she seems to have an obsession for magic eight balls, the number eight and spiders. She is a master of extreme role playing and uses it to feed her lusus who seems to be an obligate troll-eater. She is fascinated by end of the world scenarios and creates doomsday devices as a hobby. Vriska also has an interest in something called DARK PROGNOSTICATION, which she is not very good at due to having lost something called “vision eightfold.” (This would be why she is using magic eight balls. Unfortunately, they don’t help very much and she keeps breaking them which in turn results in a great deal of bad luck.)

Vriska is basically kind of terrible. And is known as (by, well, me) as She Who Scene Steals and Overwhelms the Plot Until Everything is About Her Drama. She is a girl with a great many irons in the fire, a tangled web of deceit and mixed metaphors!

Vriska is directed to check out a cool drawing on the wall. This is a picture Vriska drew of her FLARP character! Vriska’s class is Petticoat Seagrift, which she feels is far superior to the Boy-Skylark class. Her character’s name is Marquise Spinneret Mindfang and is completely awesome. Have a shout out to Peter Pan everyone! (An interesting aspect of Homestuck is the number of children’s books and movies that get shout outs or are somehow otherwise included into the storyline. It’s as if all the pop culture and geekiness of the past several decades were allowed to ferment and the results of the fermentation process exploded all over the story.)

Vriska is directed to proceed to the computer, where she promptly steps on a d4. (A four sided die. They are debatably worse than stepping on a Lego.) She blames the errant d4 on her bad luck, which has been slowly getting worse for a long time now. She is also rather looking forward to The End of the World, and tonight she has a lot of meddling to catch up with.

She is directed to take her dice, which are an enchanted set of eight d8s. When rolled, these dice create random attacks, with the higher rolls being more devastating than lower rolls. Dice like this were once used by a group known as gambligants who were eventually wiped out because they took too many crazy risks. Unfortunately, due to her streak of bad luck, she has not been able to risk using the dice because of getting a low roll.

Vriska is next directed to meddle. Before she begins however, she must first get rid of another meddler who has designs on meddling with her. She is also contacted by a mysterious person who communicates in white text. (You will have to highlight the text in the chatlog in order to read it.) White Text Person is apparently someone who had manipulated Vriska in the past. They’ve turned up in order to influence Vriska into doing what they want her to do. Vriska denies the possibility of this ploy working! She is also pretending that she was not manipulated by White Text Person, which White Text Person calls her on. After a lengthy conversation, White Text Person signs off with hints of dire doom and destruction that Vriska brushes off. Our Girl is briefly tempted to destroy another magic eight ball but instead is directed to endure the meddling of her meddley meddler meddlefriend.

Vriska’s friend is grimAuxiliatrix. She is calling because she wants to know if Vriska’s lusus is dead yet. This is a very creepy question to ask. Vriska is immediately suspicious of sabotage and puts forth wild theories of her meddlefriend being in cahoots with someone out to get her. GA is not impressed by Vriska’s paranoia and tells her that she was only asking because her own lusus died. Vriska’s paranoia immediately switches in the opposite direction, and she speculates about GA’s potential enemies. GA however assures Vriska that it was simply the lusus’ time to go. (GA’s lusus was a Virgin Mother Grub,and apparently, Virgin Mother Grubs that decide not to reproduce don’t have very long lifespans.)

Vriska continues her line of questioning concerning the lusii, and GA explains that all of the lusii are going to die, and that this occurrence is part of the game everyone is about to play. Vriska scoffs, but asks if anyone else’s lusus has died. GA confirms this, and states that Karkat believes that the deaths are his fault because of a curse. Somehow, this conversation wanders into Vriska complaining about GA’s meddling and flailing about GA being a sincerely supportive friend.She can’t even get the last word! Man, GA is pretty terrible!

Vriska is next directed to check on her lusus.

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