Book Review: The Collegium Chronicles: Bastion by Mercedes Lackey

342 pp.

In Bastion, Mags does not get much time to recover from the events of Redoubt before he has to head out again. His experience with his captors has left him with a number of confused memories, new combat skills and only the slightest inkling of whom his captors were. (They are apparently some kind of secret clan of ninjas, from a desert country very far away.)

It’s decided that in order to hopefully get the ninja clan off of his tail, that Mags should head out on his first circuit as a Herald. It’s also decided that Mag’s friends should join him for this trip, because the ninjas might target his friends if they can’t get their hands on him. A number of convenient excuses are arranged and the circuit Mags is given includes the former bandit stronghold where he was recovered as an infant. (There is not likely to be a lot left there, but there is some hope that they might find a few more clues about Mags’ parents.)

In this book, Mags has a number of learning experiences and grows even closer to his sweetheart Amily. (And by closer I mean intimately.) He also encounters his cousin, a young ninja who wants to restore the honor of his clan (such as it is). The cousin provides valuable information about Mags’ parents. He also has a strong desire to convince Mags to join the ninja clan. (Mags is still not willing to drink the special ninja Kool-Aid, however.) This amicable encounter is wrecked by other members of the ninja clan who promptly besiege the Bastion.

Bastion held my attention to a greater extent than Redoubt, though some of the problems that I had with Redoubt still apply. (Mostly it’s the extremely slow reveal concerning the mysterious ninja clan, though we finally get a better idea of why the ninjas are so determined to kidnap Mags. I’m not sure that I buy the reasoning, however, given the social structure Lackey gives them.) Mags cousin Bey is an intriguing and weirdly charming character and I enjoyed his interactions with Mags. I liked the book and felt the pacing was much better in this book than in the previous book.   

Bastion: Book Five of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel) on Amazon

Bastion: Book Five of the Collegium Chronicles (a Valdemar Novel) on Powell’s Books



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2 responses to “Book Review: The Collegium Chronicles: Bastion by Mercedes Lackey

  1. If I click through to your Amazon store but buy book one in this series, do you still get credit for it? Because I would like to fix my Lackey ignorance but start at the beginning!

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