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An Update, Plus Introduction of My Patreon

The past few months since my last post have been interesting.  The “meatspace” job hunt is continuing, but not doing very well. I had a couple of “close calls” where I thought I might get hired, but nothing really came of it. For a while I was volunteering at a no kill animal shelter in hopes of possibly getting hired to a paid position, but things fell through for a variety of reasons I won’t go into here.  I had fun while the volunteer position lasted though, and the staff at the one location I worked at were friendly and patient. (I…am a klutz. And occasionally a space cadet. These are not good traits to have at a shelter.)

I have been writing a lot of fan fiction! I’ve been very productive in that regard, and it helped a great deal with a lot of the stress and anxiety of looking for work, dealing with a mental illness, and generally dealing with the minutia managing my resources. (Both living resources and resources involved in getting assistance and maintaining my contacts/working with the clinics/teams I work with.) I have not been able to do any content/freelance writing because my “failures” at creating a community/getting hits/writing articles were causing me a great deal of stress/anxiety. (Fanfiction is less stressful in many ways, but more stressful in others.)

Writing fan fic made me realize that while I am not actually very good at the sheer productivity necessary to writing pay-per-hit content, I am much better at making stories, and this is something I want to focus on, whether or not I try writing for content providers again. With that in mind I decided to create a Patreon for my writing (whether original or meta). The first project I’m working on is a serial novel called The Forest Room.

The synopsis is: Cody Whitaker disappeared from his family’s vacation property in the summer of 1988. Sixth months later, he turned up on the doorstep of a farm in another state. Ten years later he’s returned to take care of the house in preparation for a family reunion…and maybe find out what happened ten years previously.

What he finds out is even stranger than he could have imagined.

The first chapter is up  on my Patreon, and free. Following chapters will be patron only, though I will eventually start posting an echo of the novel on Catching Shadows my fic journal on Dreamwidth.

Read Chapter One of The Forest Room

My current goal is to get five patrons! When I get five patrons, I’m going to write ten 100-word prompt fics.

My current rewards are:


$1 or more per month ∙ 2 patrons
You are an awesome person for being a patron. You get to see  original fic posts a day before non patrons.

Joe Buckley

$5 or more per month ∙ 0 patrons
So there’s a Baen fan named Joe Buckley who gets his name written into various works. This character eventually dies horribly. I am not saying this will happen, but I’ll use your name in an original fic or a fan fic. 😀 (Also you get to see chapters/fics a day early.)


$10 or more per month ∙ 0 of 10 patrons
I will write you a prompt fic between 300 and 500 words. Fan fic (if I know/like the fandom and/or like the character) or original.


$15 or more per month ∙ 0 of 5 patrons
I will write you a prompt fic that is at least 1000 words long, original or fanfic. (It may be more or less by  5-10 words.) Again, depending if I know the fandom/like the character.


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Book Review: Fall of Angels by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

592 pp.

I recently re-read Fall of Angels, the sixth book in Modesitt’s Recluce series. The first time I read it was not long after it first came out. Though Fall of Angels is the sixth book in the series, it actually takes place hundreds of years in the past, when the angels of legend fell. The angels in this case are the mostly female crew of a military starship from another universe that suddenly find themselves in a completely different universe with half of their tech not working or working in ways that are not according to their original design. Luckily they find themselves orbiting a world that is just barely inhabitable for them. (They are cold-adapted humanoids. The planet is mostly too warm for them.) They crash land in an uninhabited area that is close enough to their requirements and attempt to settle. Continue reading

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Book Review: Autumn Bones by Jacqueline Carey

424 pp.

In Autumn Bones, Daisy discovers that her nice normal boyfriend Sinclair Palmer is not quite as normal as advertised. Sinclair turns out to be related to a powerful judge back in Jamaica who is less than pleased with her son’s bus tour business and choice in girlfriends. This would be ordinary family drama–even with Daisy being hellspawn–if not for the part where Sinclair’s family are also obeah sorcerers and not at all shy about using magic to get their way. (When Sinclair’s twin sister Emmeline decides to strong arm her way into convincing Daisy to help her “convince” Sinclair to go back home, it does not go well for anyone concerned.) Continue reading

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Book Review: Copperhead by Tina Connoly

316 pp.

In Copperhead, the sequel to Ironskin, Jane’s sister Helen must navigate a tangled web of conspiracy when Jane disappears during a disastrous face lift procedure that goes terribly wrong. (It might have gone less wrong if it hadn’t been taking place during a party where a weapon meant to be used against the fey was being exhibited.) Continue reading

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Book Review: The Queen of the Dead: Silence by Michelle Sagara

289 pp.

The Queen of the Dead: Silence ended up giving me a lot of nostalgia for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even though Silence is almost nothing at all like Buffy the Vampire Slayer except for the entire “group of kids and one of them is extremely special with special powers,” thing. In this case, our main protagonist is a girl named Emma who is mourning the death of her boyfriend Nathan. She makes a habit of visiting his grave at night and one night she encounters Eric, a new student at her school and a very strange old woman. Continue reading

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Book Review: Phoenix Rising by Ryk E. Spoor

387 pp.

Phoenix Rising has the same bright, slightly goofy feel of an extremely *shonen anime. I may or may not mean that in a good way. The world building is mostly “dashes of Tolkien, squibs of that really awesome roleplaying game the writer was in.” This is a book of bits and pieces that don’t always come together but manages to be fairly entertaining once you embrace the goofy shonen ridiculousness. Continue reading

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Book Review: Wicked Bronze Ambition by Glen Cook

485 pp.

In Wicked Bronze Ambition, Garret’s matrimonial plans are derailed by his in-laws. They need his help to uncover the “Operators” of a secret tournament that pits the children of the sorcerer families of TunFaire against each other in mortal combat. The prize is the accumulated power of the kids who were killed during the game, but no one wants to play. (Unfortunately, there is no way to opt out of the game once the Operators decide you’re going to be a contestant.) Garret’s job is to keep the game from being initiated, but it might already be too late.

While I liked the book, I had a few problems with the general set up and plot, spoilery reasons to be specific. (That is to say, you are probably going to want to skip the next paragraph or so.) Continue reading

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