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Book Review: Sword-Bound by Jennifer Roberson


343 pp.

The blurb for Sword-Bound is basically a complete synopsis of the entire series to date. I am not sure why, but I wonder if I should have taken it for a warning that this book is not much different from the rest of the series except Tiger is older now and a little more crotchety. (Don’t get me wrong, the crotchety is kind of adorable, since I’m not the one who has to deal with it, but still.) Sword-Bound is something of a mid-life crisis road trip novel. Continue reading

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Book Review: Life, by Gwyneth Jones

Aqueduct Press
368 pp.

Life is a long ramble of a novel in which not a lot takes place except a lot of relationship drama. There are also a great many examples of covert and overt sexism which the focus character tries very hard not to notice. It takes place in the near future and among other things, involves social justice, genetic engineering, commercial science and a mysterious possible genetic shift that may or may not have far-reaching consequences.

The book mostly follows the life of two women.

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Book Review: Twilight’s Dawn by Anne Bishop

435 pp.

Twilight's Dawn: A Black Jewels Book
Available on Amazon.

Twilight’s Dawn consists of four novellas, some of which answer some unasked questions about things hinted at in Tangled Webs, The Shadow Queen and Shalador’s Lady. If you’re a fan of the Black Jewels series, you will probably like them, if you are not a fan of the series you will probably not be reading this anyway.

I both like and dislike the series simultaneously. The world building drives me insane,  and Bishop’s gender dynamics are like a combination of David Eddings, Laurell K. Hamilton and Jennifer Roberson with a dash of Anne Rice–on the other hand I like many of Bishop’s characters, the writing is at least entertaining (if occasionally gross or ridiculously fluffy) and I think the Black Jewels ‘verse is one of the more interesting of her story-worlds.

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Book Review: A Brother’s Price, by Wen Spencer

310 pp.

A Brother's PriceWen Spencer does some interesting things with the “female dominated society” trope that appears in science fiction and fantasy from time to time in this book. From my reading of The Shore of Women, Glory Season, The Gate to Women’s Country etcetera, whenever this story appears, it is usually clear that the writer has an axe to grind about gender politics. Spencer is mainly attacking the “females are not innovative” meme and the “females are naturally more peaceful and nonaggressive” memes that occasionally appear in these works. A Brother’s Price seems to be mostly a response to the axe grinding, than to gender politics. It is at its base a historical romance fully of derring-do and plucky heroes, and there is no sense that the society is “superior” to a male dominated society–it is just different from a male-dominated one. Continue reading

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