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More Appointment Adventures

Sometime last week I had a medical emergency that landed me in the hospital, and then at Community Bridges in Mesa, which is some kind of inpatient/outpatient facility for those with mental health issues. Which currently describes my current state of health. What happened is that I have very little money to further my goals of a) getting mental health services b) acquiring physical health services. These two difficulties resulted in hospitalization. Continue reading

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Appointment Adventures

The last week of August was full of appointments and frustration:

Tuesday, I had to go apply for COPA which is a health discount program. I was not able to get it on that day because I did not have enough information to prove that I qualified for COPA. (I needed to get a letter from my parents say that I lived with them and was not currently working/earning money. I also couldn’t provide them with my last paycheck stub or a letter saying I had been employed at the temp agency. This because a) I had direct deposit and therefore no last check stub and b) the temp agency would only give that information if it was directly requested by the agency or company, NOT if the former employee requested the information.) This was extremely stressful and I was a complete mess at the end of it. I was able to reschedule for Friday. Continue reading

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Job Hunt update…

I’ve been making a few tentative stabs at continuing my job hunt. The warehouse job was a severe blow to my confidence, and I’m even more unsettled by my health problems than I was before. Getting started again is somewhat difficult because I am out of my prescriptions (specifically and anti-anxiety med and a anti-depressant med) and I have gone back to being listless, frustrated and completely blank. (It does not help my lung problems are making breathing difficult, I have an intermittent headache that nothing seems to help and I generally feel under the weather.) My “spoon” count is very low at this point, let’s put it that way.

On my way to my therapy appointment, I noticed that the bottom floor of the building had some kind of call center. Acting on impulse, I asked to fill out an application, which I did. I also gave them my resume. I failed to ask any questions about job openings/job titles. My only excuse is that I was being very impulsive and my thoughts were not entirely clear on what the heck I thought I was doing. Later in the day I received a phone call from the business. My contact said that the call center was doing appointment setting. Apparently, they were in fact looking for people to hire I was told to call them back, which I did and leave a phone number so I could be contacted, which I did.

It took me four or five tries before I could make a halfway decent, hopefully “call center quality” voice message. If I don’t get a call back, I will definitely be calling them back.

In other news, I have scheduled a number of appointments.

Thursday the 22nd, I’m going to be going to a workshop/orientation for a certification program that is apparently run by the local job center. On the 27th, I am going to be going to be talking to a financial counselor in order to qualify for a healthcare program. On the 29th, I’m going to be going to the social security office to see if I can qualify for disability or if there are any financial aid programs I can sign onto. The latter two appointments are going to require a huge amount of paperwork, much of which I do not actually have. One of the things on the list was a letter from my previous employer to prove I had a job at one point. I was not able to get this document because the temp agency does not give this information out unless they are given a specific form of some kind for it. I was extremely unhappy about this.

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