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Random blogging about appropriation

So a blogger of [specific ethnic group] does not like the idea of [people not of their ethnic group] writing [specific ethnic group] characters because [people not of their ethnic group] will invariably fuck it up. (Anecdotal evidence suggests that this is a legitimate feel because wow, there is a lot of bs about this specific ethnic group out there.) The blogger is very vocal about not liking [people not of their ethnic group] trying to create [specific ethnic group] characters, and yet [non ethnic group] writers insist on asking [specific ethnic group] blogger questions about their [specific ethnic group].  Continue reading


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Damsel in Distress: Part 2 – Tropes vs Women in Video Games

Another really great installment for this series.

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Bluh Bluh Huge Bully: Vriska

Vriska is one of the more polarizing characters in Homestuck. She is flamboyantly larger than life, a walking disaster. She is a slightly more over the top version of that one bully that you had to put up with in grade school. You know the one, he or she would goad you into getting angry so that you would be the one who got in trouble when you lost it. He or she was the bully who always had to be the center of attention, because everything was about him or her. The bully who if they were caught out, would apologize in such a way that you felt as if you were the one at fault. The one who seemed to think that an apology was license to do the exact same thing they just apologized for. Vriska is that exact type of bully and anyone who has had encounters with that kind of bully get the most intense feelings of the exact opposite of nostalgia when they encounter Vriska. Continue reading

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Who Gets To Be a Geek? Anyone Who Wants to Be

Who Gets To Be a Geek? Anyone Who Wants to Be.  John Scalzi’s response to a self proclaimed Geek.

The other day CNN let some dude named Joe Peacock vomit up an embarrassing piece on its Web site, about how how awful it is that geekdom is in the process of being overrun by attractive women dressing up in costumes (“cosplaying,” for the uninitiated) when they haven’t displayed their geek cred to Mr. Peacock’s personal satisfaction. They weren’t real geeks, Mr. Peacock maintains — he makes a great show of supporting real geek women, the definition of which, presumably, are those who have passed his stringent entrance requirements, which I am sure he’s posted some place other than the inside of his skull — and because they’re not real geeks, they offend people like him, who are real geeks:

There cannot be enough “what he said,” for this post.  Also amused/annoyed at the idea that cosplayers are not “geeks.” How many people in costume do you typically see at cons? People not only in “hall costumes” but costumes that they made especially for CONTESTS and costume balls? Costuming was totally a thing before it was named “cosplaying” for crying out loud!

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Top Five Fantasy Series

Ask Me My Top 5 Anything  This is something I’m doing on Tumblr. (My ask box is open. Also, if you’re on Tumblr, add me!)


Okay! These are not so much my top five as my “First five from my top ten that came to mind.”

Top Five Fantasy Series

Chronicles of the Kencyrath by P.C. Hodgell

What: Our Heroine is a young woman with a mysterious past and uncertain future. She is the member of one of those magical races that have Incomprehensible Missions to Defeat Evil. Problem: Evil is possibly winning and may not be evil, just Incomprehensible and unhealthy for the rest of the Universe. She spends a great deal of time accidentally leaving a path of destruction. The dean of her military academy has warned her not to drive any more of her teachers insane! Meanwhile, her favorite pastimes are reality hacking, pondering abstract philosophical concepts and untangling the mysteries of her family’s past!

Why: All of the above reasons, plus a lush narrative style and some absolutely surreal yet concrete world building. There is a very strong Fritz Leiber overtone to the series and Hodgell deconstructs standard high fantasy and sword and sorcery tropes left and right with a wry sense of humor. Continue reading

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Random Funny: Cajeiri in Intruder

Recently got Intruder by C.J. Cherryh via inter-library loan. I am extremely amused by a scene that went down something like this:

Cajeiri: Woe, I will be living with my parents and their terminally uncool staff. Woe!

Cajeiri: Woe, I will also be without my grandmother who is awesome, and Lord Bren who is similarly awesome. Woe.

Cajeiri: I AM GOING TO BE BORED FOREVER. Continue reading

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Finicky Anime Watcher

I am a very finicky person when it comes to what I watch or read. This tends to shoot me in the foot because it will take me forever to decide to read or watch something. (I have occasionally waited too long and the book is no longer available or the show is no longer findable.) Since I’ve just had a severe “Oh god why?!” reaction to no less than three anime in less than an hour I thought I’d go over what I do (and don’t) like in an anime (or manga).

Continue reading

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