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I Promise I Will Start Updating This Again

I have been blogging, just not on this particular site. Mostly, I have been on dreamwidth and tumblr, on my fannish/random update blogs. So I’ve been updating there fairly frequently, both with real life updates, my ongoing job hunt, my brief experiences with Job-Having last year, and fan fiction updates.

I would like to start writing here again, though this was one of the monetized blogs, and I still feel unhappy with my experience with affiliate marketing and my attempts at writing articles for Yahoo Contributor and (The problem is that I am not very good at being prolific/coming up with good articles in a variety of subjects/building a readership, and also the entire situation was causing me to have anxiety flare ups which are not fun, followed by depression, which are even less fun.)

I am writing a LOT of fan fiction.

So, I am probably going to be disposing of my blogger blogs, and working on a redesign of this particular blog. (I did some messing around with the layout earlier this morning.) It’s still not the way I want it.

I deleted the “professional” tumblr, and switched the “Publicize” over to my fannish tumblr.

I am attempting to find out how to install a donate button, but the directions I found seem to be for the version of WordPress where you are setting it up on your own server, instead of using

I already have donate buttons on my dreamwidth and tumblr blogs. (Which was much easier to do.)

I’m poking at the idea of starting a Patreon, for my not-yet-posted original fic (and/or this blog).

Things I’m going to be writing about:

Books/Shows/Movies (as usual)

Fannish Things and Observations on Fannish Culture

The Job Hunt and/or Being Insufficiently Employed and Why Universal Basic Income can Happen Any Time Now Because No One is Hiring Me and Freelance Writing is Frustrating

Mental Illness and Ableism Topics

My Current Adventures in Volunteering for an Animal Rescue (Which I am Really Happy About)

My Original Fiction (Possibly a lot of blather about previous Original Fic attempts, worldbuilding, and so on.)

Fan Fiction (About fan fiction, I will not be posting fanfiction here.)





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Sometimes I Cannot Words…

Have you ever have one of those moments when you are trying to think of a word and you just can’t? Or have you suddenly stalled while trying to think of a question to ask? And someone expects you to be able to do this quickly, but you can’t? Have you had this happen so persistently that you want to smack the next person who says, “oh, everyone forgets things?” Continue reading

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The “That’s Just How Guys Are,” Argument

(Trigger warning for discussion of rape.)

So, I have been following an argument about misogyny and rape (culture) going on here. The conversation also reminded me of a conversation with someone I knew on an online forum. The two sides of the argument went something like this: On one hand, you have a guy who is blaming rape on the male libido. On the other side of the argument, you have a few people who are attempting to explain that rape is about control and aggression and has almost nothing to do with the actual sex drive. Continue reading

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GBE2 Blog On Prompt 68: Have a Few Reoccurring Dreams

I don’t think I’ve really experienced Déjà vu unless we are talking about my stint in a market research call center where I could swear that I was talking to the exact same five or six people over and over again. (I wasn’t. I am not good at differentiating or recognizing voices and the “sameness” gets worse when I’m listening over the phone. I also have trouble recognizing faces but that’s not quite on topic.) Another instance of possible Déjà vu might be that sinking feeling when I realize that once again that I have failed some essential social test due to not comprehending what I did wrong this time.

So instead, I will tell you about my favorite reoccurring dreams. And by “favorite” I do not actually mean that I like them because a few of them are kind of gross. By “favorite” I mean they are like links book marked by the weird web browser that is my subconscious. Continue reading

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Job Hunt Log the Sixth: Previous Job Hunts

My first job hunt occurred shortly after I graduated from high school in 1993. I did not get many interviews, but I was eventually able to get a job as a “courtesy clerk” at a grocery store. I do not really remember what I wore or what I said to the manager who eventually hired me. I do remember that I had many disappointing encounters prior to getting the courtesy clerk job, and I did not have good references. (Not having good references is a continuing theme.) Continue reading

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Job Hunt Log the Fifth: Interviews

Since the post-graduation job hunt began, I have only had two interviews and a few calls where the prospective employer decided that I was not what they were looking for almost instantly. The first interview was for providing content. I think my opening speech was okay, but the people I was talking to did not know what I was talking about. Also, I was late for the interview because I could not find the place. Continue reading

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Job Hunt Log the Fourth: Prospects

I am currently looking for a job where I can:

Primarily provide web content/ Assist in maintaining the web page.

Most of my experience in this area has been in designing and updating my own personal webpages. I would like to get some professional experience in this area since a lot of my current designs seem to scream “personal webpage” instead of “potential business.” Continue reading

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