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Book Review: Phoenix Rising by Ryk E. Spoor

387 pp.

Phoenix Rising has the same bright, slightly goofy feel of an extremely *shonen anime. I may or may not mean that in a good way. The world building is mostly “dashes of Tolkien, squibs of that really awesome roleplaying game the writer was in.” This is a book of bits and pieces that don’t always come together but manages to be fairly entertaining once you embrace the goofy shonen ridiculousness. Continue reading


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Book Review: Portal by Ryk E. Spoor and Eric Flint

309 pp.

In Portal, our heroes are stranded on Europa after the events of Threshold. While they and the survivors from the Odin attempt to jury-rig a way to get home, they discover that General Hohenheim is still alive and work out a way to rescue him. (They are also making an effort to keep what happened more or less secret. There is a very real concern about further attempts at sabotage or murder from the enemies who instigated the events of the previous book.) Meanwhile, back on Earth, there is a growing suspicion that the accident wasn’t one. Continue reading

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Interview: Ryk E. Spoor

Ryk E. Spoor writes mostly science fiction. His first published novel was Digital Knight, which was published in 2003. More recent works include Threshold, co-written with Eric Flint and Grand Central Arena. More information about his books can be found on his LJ and on his web page.

How did you get started writing?

Just “writing”, as in writing stories for whatever reason? I was six when I wrote a story for school (first grade) titled “Lunuai Luna the Luna Moth”, in which I described the thoughts of a caterpillar going through the process that it did not understand. The teacher had me read it to the THIRD graders, and it was THAT day that it suddenly occurred to me: PEOPLE — like, you know, regular people, that started out as kids — wrote all those books.

Did you plan on becoming a professional writer? Continue reading

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Book Review: Threshold, by Eric Flint and Ryk E. Spoor

309 pp.

Threshold (Boundary)

The sequel to Boundary finds the Ares crew getting ready to do a little more exploration, looking for new “Bemmie” bases in the solar system. This may be a somewhat difficult project, since the US is still fuming about the steps taken by Madeline Fathom to ensure that “fair play” would win the day. Funding has definitely become an issue, as well as logistics. Another matter of concern is elements within the European Union, who would like to have access to the next base found (and those same elements may be willing to engage in a little foul play in order to get that access.) Continue reading

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Boundary, by Eric Flint and Ryk E. Spoor

BoundaryFor reasons fans of Baen’s Bar, the fan web board for Baen Books will be very familiar with, this book could be subtitled “The One Where Joe Buckley Doesn’t Die.” (Joe Buckley is the name of a fan who is frequently Tuckerized and “red shirted” by certain Baen authors as something of a running joke.) It could also be titled “Geeks Go to Mars on a Date and Paleontology Happens” for the number of characters who are hooked up and/or hitched by the end of the novel. (I consider this to be a selling point as the romances are well developed and very cute. Flint loves him some romance, and it’s apparent that his writing partner does too.) It’s a novel that combines space exploration themes with paleontology–two great tastes that turn out to taste great together. Continue reading


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