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GBE2 Blog On Prompt 78: In Which I Only Pass College Math Classes Because of Helpful People

 This is for GBE2 Prompt 78 Numbers 

The only reason I managed to get good grades in the many, many math classes I had to take when I was in college was because I had help from folks online who did not have a tendency to solve problems backward or skip entire steps because they forgot them. I do not retain math rules/techniques very well! The step by step examples they have in text books often do not work for me because I have no idea of what is supposed to be happening. (Math examples are somewhat less confusing if there is also written instruction along with the example.) Continue reading

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Demonocracy, or, this Utopia is Pretty Darn Dystopic

 During one of my forays into higher education, I had to take a composition class. One of the writing exercises was to create a “Utopia.”  Since I like worldbuilding exercises I did initially not have a problem with this assignment, even though it was a group assignment. (I do not like group projects because many of the class-project groups I have been in were extremely disorganized and nothing really got done except by one or two people in the group.) Continue reading

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GBE2 Blog On Prompt 55 “High School”

This is for GBE2 Prompt 55 “High School”

“Oh boy,” I said when I saw this week’s prompt. “This will not be an easy prompt for me to do. How do I disclose as humorously as possible how much I utterly loathed high school? And how do I do it without sounding mildly deranged about it?”

I had to go to two different high schools due to moving. I did not much care for either school. At the first school, I encountered some mild bullying in the form of the girls from my gym class getting on my case because they decided I was a tattle tale or something. (Because every time someone hit me with the ball, I would look in the gym teacher’s direction.) I also had some mild problems with a very aggressive girl in my math class. (Inappropriate eye contact, her habit of assuming I was giving her dirty looks.)

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GBE2 Prompt 42: Confrontation

This is for GBE2 Prompt 42

This is a confrontation that never happened! I am so very glad this confrontation never happened because just the idea of having this confrontation fills me with horror. I was so happy and relieved that this confrontation never happened, and no one felt the need to make me “work past it.” I am also very, very grateful that the professor understood and did not think I was exaggerating or lying.

This is the run down: Continue reading


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Random Update: I Hate the Ethics Textbook A Lot

I really need to try updating this blog more. I could go on a whinge about not having anything to write about, and finding the right “tone” and “topic” for the blog, but while true, this does not make for exciting reading so instead I will rant about the current class I’m taking. The name of the class is “Ethical and Legal Issues in the Professions,” and it is basically a repeat of many of the things we learned in “Critical Thinking” and the Introduction to Business class and also Sociology. I hate it not because of the class itself, but because of the textbook.

The textbook is pretty much horrible. Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues 7th Ed by Vincent Ryan Ruggiero has some badly researched and mildly racist commentary, is occasionally homophobic and is full of moments where Vinny tries to push the reader into agreeing with him instead of actually explaining the subject.

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Ten Reasons I Despise Working in Groups

Our current class project is a group project.What’s interesting about this particular group project is that somehow I have become the leader/organizer of the group, which is something I have never done before. (I do not have mad leadership skills and people tend to ignore me.)

1. Crossed wires 

Chances are always very good that someone will not understand their role in the group. (Often that person is me.)

2. Who the heck am I supposed to pay attention to again?

In cases where there is no clear leader of the group, things tend to fall apart rapidly. Sometimes even with a leader things fall apart because the leader is not very good at explaining things.

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My School Socio-Autobiography

This was my final assignment for my Sociology class. We had to write a paper about events in our lives that influenced our school experience.What I wrote was about my previous attempts at going into college and how I ended up going to DeVry.I got an A for this assignment, though I feel that it still needed/needs a lot of work. The sociological themes I addressed are pretty much all over the place. I do include some references to what I feel are examples of entrenched sexism, and I think I have an overall “conflict theory” basis for a lot of the paper. I’m posting this here primarily as a frame of  reference for any future school-related stories that I tell. Continue reading

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