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About Birth Control Pills

First,have a lesson in BirthControl For Idiots. I found this on Tumblr and it is a very good explanation of the various methods of birth control, including hormonal birth control. After the flack and aftermath of Limbaugh’s saying that a woman who was explaining that a friend of hers was not able to get insurance coverage for hormonal birth control pills ended up getting an ovary removed due to a cyst was a slut. (Because he is just that classy.) Continue reading


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My preferred toys when I was a kid were animal toys. Sheep, dogs, horses and weirdrubbery dragon monsters the parents would not buy because they were apparently evil. I never really got playing with dolls as a kid. 

It’s not that I did not like dolls, it was more I did not know what to do with them. There were a limited number of functions that could be performed with a doll, and overly expansive make-believe activities tended cause parental disturbance. (As an example: They would become alarmed when I pretended to be an animal. This was apparently Very Weird and Unusual Behavior. Either that or I was Just Too Loud.)

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