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Book Review: Copperhead by Tina Connoly

316 pp.

In Copperhead, the sequel to Ironskin, Jane’s sister Helen must navigate a tangled web of conspiracy when Jane disappears during a disastrous face lift procedure that goes terribly wrong. (It might have gone less wrong if it hadn’t been taking place during a party where a weapon meant to be used against the fey was being exhibited.) Continue reading


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Book Review: Ironskin by Tina Connoly

302 pp.

According to the cover blurb, Ironskin is an inverted/reversed Beauty and the Beast tale. It also has echoes of Jane Eyre, though it is actually more Jane Eyre than Beauty and the Beast. Our heroine is a young woman named Jane who had been disfigured during a “Great War” fought against the fae. In order to keep others from being affected by the curse that comes with her disfigurement, she wears an iron mask.

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