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Book Review: Autumn Bones by Jacqueline Carey

424 pp.

In Autumn Bones, Daisy discovers that her nice normal boyfriend Sinclair Palmer is not quite as normal as advertised. Sinclair turns out to be related to a powerful judge back in Jamaica who is less than pleased with her son’s bus tour business and choice in girlfriends. This would be ordinary family drama–even with Daisy being hellspawn–if not for the part where Sinclair’s family are also obeah sorcerers and not at all shy about using magic to get their way. (When Sinclair’s twin sister Emmeline decides to strong arm her way into convincing Daisy to help her “convince” Sinclair to go back home, it does not go well for anyone concerned.) Continue reading

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Book Review: Fledgling, by Octavia Butler

Seven Stories Press

316 pp.

Fledgling is another one of those books that took me a while to get around to reading. I was not entirely sure what to think when I first heard that Octavia Butler was going to write a vampire novel. (Let’s just say there was some metaphorical pearl-clutching and leave it at that.) I do not really like vampire novels all that much, even though I always seem to end up reading them. (Most urban fantasy novels have vamps in them. There is no escape.) Continue reading

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Book Review: Fury’s Kiss by Karen Chance

Signet Select

536 pp.

In Fury’s Kiss, Our Heroine spends a great deal of time suffering from amnesia and The Three Faces of Eve (minus one). By which I mean that she apparently has two distinct personalities, a human personality and a vampire one, who were deliberately separated by Mircea in an effort to keep Dorina somewhat sane and healthy. (There is a great deal of exposition where it is explained that when Dorina was a child she almost died because of her “vampire” half attacking her “human” half. The barrier that Mircea put between them is crumbling thanks to Dorina drinking fey wine in order to stop her occasional fits of berserk rage.  Dorina also turns out to have an untapped reservoir of psychic talent. Continue reading

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Book Review: Virtual Virgin, by Carole Nelson Douglas

Pocket Books
371 pp.

I was not sure that I wanted to read Virtual Virgin. I had some fairly severe problems with the previous book, Silver Zombie related to questionable therapy practices, horrifically stupid racial stereotypes and fairly grotesque plot twists though I still managed to find the book entertaining. (Your mileage may vary as to how severe the problems are. I am fairly sensitive when it comes to racial stereotypes.) I think it would be safe to say that I probably should have listened to my misgivings because this installment was a chore to read. Continue reading

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Boredom is Dangerous, Vampire Game by Judal

Vampire Game is a fifteen-volume shojo manga. The story opens with a vampire king who’s come back from the dead, and one very bored princess named Ishtar who is very sheltered and very indifferent to the idea of ruling her country. Or in learning to use magic. Or in doing anything except trying to escape the people trying to teach and protect her. She is a trial to both her teachers and her bodyguard who she has a very not-so-secret crush on. The primary reason for her intense dislike of her role as a princess is that her relatives murdered her parents.

Ironically, she and her relatives are descended from a king who became a saint after defeating Duzell, a vampire king who became very bored and decided to play evil overlord. Phelios sacrificed his life to destroy the wannabe evil overlord by using a spell called “La Gamme” which is a Final Strike type spell that takes out both the caster and the person the spell is aimed at. Before Duzell died he swore he’d return after a hundred years and get revenge on the reincarnation of Phelios and destroy his family. Continue reading

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Book Review: Death’s Mistress by Karen Chance

422 pp.

Death's Mistress (Dorina Basarab, Book 2)Death’s Mistress takes place not long after the events of Midnight’s Daughter. Dorina is attempting to cope with being a new “parent,” (quote marks because the adoption process was actually Dorina rescuing Stinky the duerger-brownie from an auction. Also, she doesn’t seem to realize that she’s in a parental role.) She’s also working directly with her father as a result of some familial revelations in the previous book. However, she still doesn’t really trust him for various reasons. (The primary one being that she’s a dhampir, and he’s a vampire.) As far as disability management goes, fey wine appears to be the best bet, despite the continuing flashbacks of other people’s memories she’s receiving. Continue reading

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Book Review: Midnight’s Daughter, by Karen Chance

373 pp.

Midnight's Daughter (Dorina Basarab, Dhampir, Book 1)This book is the beginning of a side-series to Karen Chance’s Cassie Palmer books. (Which I only started reading because of having read Midnight’s Daughter, and wanting the back story.) The main character of this series is Dorina Basarab, the dhampir daughter of Cassie Palmer’s vampire Significant Other Mircea. The series takes place in a “hidden magic underworld” universe that occasionally stretched my suspension of disbelief given some of the events within both series.) Continue reading

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