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Manga Review: Kamisama Kiss Volume Eleven, Julietta Suzuki

Buy on Amazon.Volume eleven of Kamisama Kiss opens with a slight misunderstanding concerning weddings! Nanami agrees to perform a wedding at the shrine contingent on Tomoe’s approval. Somehow, this becomes “Nanami is going to ask Tomoe to marry her!” This results in the usual fight between Mizuki and Tomoe. Things get straightened out though everyone is a little perturbed when Nanami declares that she is never going to get married anyway. It turns out that the marriage she’s agreed to perform is the future marriage of Himemiko and her human boyfriend. This is not a match that Tomoe anticipates ever working out, but Nanami does not see a problem with it. Continue reading

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Book Review: Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn

339 pp.

Summers at Castle Auburn is a quiet romantic fantasy that addresses social problems, but keeps it in the background. Our heroine is a young woman named Coriel who spends summers at Castle Auburn, the royal palace. She is the bastard child of the bastard son of noble and is–pretty much without her actual awareness for most of the novel–being groomed for an advantageous or at least politically useful marriage. She has a close relationship with her half-sister, has a crush of her sister’s fiancée, and is somewhat feckless and fancy free. Fortunately, she has a strong vocation for becoming a healer and has no intention of ruining her relationship with her sister by acting on her crush. Continue reading

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Manga Review: Kuroshitsuji Volume Ten, by Yana Toboso

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 Volume ten of Kuroshitsuji continues the murder mystery arc.

 After the latest corpse is examined, everyone once again rehashes what happened and provide or fail to provide alibis. The rehashing is interrupted by an unexpected visitor. He is a vicar named Jeremy and he is apparently acquainted with the Phantomhive family. Apparently, he was the person Sebastian was attempting to reach via messenger owl. (Insert Harry Potter joke here.) He is as first considered a possible suspect in the murder, but he is able to provide an alibi. Continue reading

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Book Review: Hinterland by James Clemens


463 pp.

Hinterland is a slightly dull mix of adventure and political intrigue. For political reasons, the Shadowknights decide to reinstate Tylar, now the regent of Chrismferry, as a knight. This is supposed to be symbolic of the unity of the Realms. What it ends up being is an immense point of contention when the Cabal makes their move and a group of disgruntled gods decides to destroy Tashijan so they can get Tylar. (Whom they feel should not be regent because he is mortal.) Continue reading

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Book Review: Fury’s Kiss by Karen Chance

Signet Select

536 pp.

In Fury’s Kiss, Our Heroine spends a great deal of time suffering from amnesia and The Three Faces of Eve (minus one). By which I mean that she apparently has two distinct personalities, a human personality and a vampire one, who were deliberately separated by Mircea in an effort to keep Dorina somewhat sane and healthy. (There is a great deal of exposition where it is explained that when Dorina was a child she almost died because of her “vampire” half attacking her “human” half. The barrier that Mircea put between them is crumbling thanks to Dorina drinking fey wine in order to stop her occasional fits of berserk rage.  Dorina also turns out to have an untapped reservoir of psychic talent. Continue reading

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Manga Review: Kuroshitsuji Volume Eight, by Yana Toboso

In volume eight of Kuroshitsuji, the circus arc ends. We open with Beast and the rest of team discovering that the Phantomhive servants serve as an eerily effective line of defense. Mae-Lin is a sniper, Finnie has super strength and seems fairly indestructible and Bardroy is an artillery expert. Even Tanaka has a remarkably terrifying side to him. Continue reading

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Manga Review: Blue Exorcist Volume Seven, by Kazue Kato

In volume seven of Blue Exorcist, the Impure King arc continues. It turns out that Mamushi Hojo is the traitor, and working with Hojo. She seems to be under the impression that they are taking the eyes to a safer place. Todo’s actual plan is to awaken the Impure King, which Mamushi finds out much too late to do anyone any good. The reason why he wants to seems to be to flush out Tatsuma and steal his familiar Kurakara. He does this successfully and runs off. (Some part of Kurakara stays with Tatsuma, which was slightly confusing.) Tatsuma’s familiar is a demon whose contracts depend on deception and secrecy. (This is why Tatsuma has been so avoidant and secretive.) Continue reading

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