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Book Review: Breaking the Wall: Five Odd Honors by Jane Lindskold


367 pp.

Five Odd HonorsThe previous book had some marginal successes and victories, and the possibility of something Very Big and Very Bad happening in the Orphan’s previous homeland,and they have made allies of their counterparts from the Lands Born of Smoke and Sacrifice.  Five Odd Honors begins with the discovery of the treachery of the previous Tiger, Thundering Heaven, who has managed to trick the Monkey, Bent Bamboo. He declares that he will only allow them to talk to the Monkey to ask him to join them in going back to the Lands Born of Smoke and Sacrifice if his daughter Pearl (the current Tiger) steps down from her position. The other Orphans are less than enthused by this option, and Pearl resolves the situation by having a duel with her father. (When they finally get into contact with Bent Bamboo, he is immediately agreeable to the plan, and is upset that Thundering Heaven had tricked him. Continue reading


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Book Review: Breaking the Wall:Thirteen Orphans, by Jane Lindskold

Tor, 367 pgs.

Thirteen OrphansBreaking the Wall:Thirteen Orphans is the start of a new series by Jane Lindskold, author of The Firekeeper Saga and Lord Demon (co-written with Roger Zelazny) among many other novels. It’s an urban fantasy of the “magic is known to be real to a select few” variety with “people from the universe next door” as protagonists. It’s using a primarily Chinese and other Asian mythologies, though it’s also clearly indicated that other magical systems/mythoi also exist. (Culture appears to define Perception of local forces or energies, which is a useful gimmick if you can do it without making everything look totally and obnoxiously homogenous. Lindskold has managed to do this very well, by the way.) Continue reading

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