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Spirits That Walk in Shadow by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

306 p.p.

Spirits That Walk in ShadowIn this book we are reintroduced to Jaimie Locke, one of the minor characters from The Thread That Binds the Bones. She is still in recovery from having been trained to be evil by her previous teacher. (She more or less indicates this on a number of occasions.)

Jaimie has decided to go to college with the intent of learning about boys and Outsiders. (It is difficult to say which has the greater priority.) Jaimie had been giving a list of things she is Not Supposed to Talk About to Outsiders but of course, the list goes flying right out the window once she meets her roommate, Kim. Also accompanying her to college is god named Rugee who looks a great deal like some kind of lizard. Continue reading


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Book Review: The Silent Strength of Stones by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

244 pp.

The Silent Strength of Stones (A Chapel Hollow Novel)The Silent Strength of Stones takes place in the same universe as The Thread That Binds the Bones. Our Male Protagonist is a teenaged boy named Nick who is something of a creeper in that he likes to spy on the people living in the vacation cabins near the store he helps his father run. His creeping ways get him into considerable trouble when he meets a strange girl named Willow and her family. (The creeping was so emphasized by the summary on the back cover of the first edition I came across that I ended up avoiding the book for years until I finally decided to read it. I’m happy to say that while the creeper behavior is part of the plot, it is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.) Continue reading

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Book Review: Fall of Light, by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

307 pp

Fall of LightFall of Light is an indirect sequel to A Fistful of Sky; it involves Opal LaZelle, Gypsum’s older sister, who works as a makeup artist. She uses her magical talents to enhance the effects of her work, and her talents are very much in demand. She’s working on location in Oregon for a horror movie, transforming her romantic interest Corvus Weather into the main monster/villain of Forest of the Night, a horror movie of the “secret witch-cult” variety which is deeply amusing, consider that Opal is from a clan of magic-users. Continue reading

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Book Review: A Fistful of Sky, by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

353 pp .
A Fistful Of SkyNina Kiriki Hoffman is one of my favorite authors. I’m a huge fan of both the books set in the universe of The Thread that Binds the Bones and the Matt Black stories. Hoffman’s style of writing is quirky and honest, and deals with the complexities of human and family relationships, with an added dose of the supernatural and mystical. Her magical systems are generally unique–instead of borrowing from Western or Eastern magic systems or folklore, she makes things up from the beginning, creating new mythologies on the fly. Her magical families (such as the Locke, Keye and Bolte families of Thread) combine the power and insularism of Zenna Henderson’s People with a touch of Jerome Bixby’s “It’s a Good Life.” Continue reading

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