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Reading Homestuck Part Forty: ==> Karkat: Talk to your annoying friends!

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We get the second recap which lists everything that had gone on before. Since the purpose of this entire re-read recap is to go over what has already happened, there is absolutely nothing to report about it! I do however advise reading it when you get to it yourself. Next up is Act 5!

Act 5 takes place on a strange alien world with a pink moon and a green moon. This world is called Alternia, and somewhere there is a young troll and it is his “wriggling day.” Today he will begin a game, and Things Will Happen. Welcome to Hivebent, please keep your extremities inside the vehicle the entire time and do not attempt to feed the trolls. We hope you enjoy your stay. Continue reading

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Reading: Telempath, by Spider Robinson, Part Six

n14659smallSpider Robinson makes some jarring narrative decisions throughout the book! The most jarring for me has to be the end of chapter fifteen where Isham is in too big of a hurry to explain why he’s on “red alert” and why he’s summoned a Musky cavalry but has enough time to dispense a lecture about using grain alcohol as a fuel instead of gasoline. (Robinson is often info dumpy in this way, but this was particularly dumpy.) Continue reading

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Reading Homestuck Part Thirty Eight : ==> John: Become an ectobiolobabysitter!

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John sees that the device in the lab has been recently calibrated. (Mutie is also present.) John is directed to examine the monitor. The monitor is showing his old neighborhood, and a large red Betty Crocker factory. The date is a few months before John was born. (December 1st, 1995) He zooms in and sees a gentleman walking with his elderly mother. A target has been locked over the old woman. We get a slight change of angle and see that a meteor is heading straight for the building. It destroys the building, and John is directed to press the blue button.

This creates a Paradox Ghost Imprint of the elderly woman whom John realizes is his grandmother. The slime is sucked into a nearby container. The next direction is “switch four.” This monitor displays an image of a distant island in the Pacific on the date of December 3rd, 1995. (It is of course Jade’s island.) John is directed to zoom in. He sees an elderly billionaire on a yacht, and an adorable toddler. This monitor is also locked and there is also a target on the elderly billionaire. Continue reading

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Reading Homestuck Part Thirty Five:==> TA, fix GA’s computer! (For the last time, there’s nothing to fix!)

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 John explores Rose’s room. He avoids his present, due to a strange feeling of guilt. He also receives a peculiar keysmash pester from Dave, which he disregards. The next command is for John to look at a book. The book is a collection of poetry and philosophy supposedly written by Charles Barkley. John is directed to take the book, which he does. He’s then directed to open his present.

 It’s a bunny.  A Frankenbunny who is half plush, half knit.

 You can probably guess what the next directions are.

 Rose also enclosed a letter to John. It is a very sentimental letter! Continue reading

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Reading Homestuck Part Twenty: ==> John: You are a Lame Kid!

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John finds some unopened birthday presents in his dad’s room. John is cheerfully directed to open one of the presents. It’s fetch modus control deck with a bonus fetch modus and some captchalogue cards! John adds the cards to his deck. Then he is directed to equip the array fetch modus. The array modus enables you to store and retrieve any item at any time. This means it is somewhat difficult to weaponize, though otherwise very useful! Continue reading

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