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Boredom is Dangerous, Vampire Game by Judal

Vampire Game is a fifteen-volume shojo manga. The story opens with a vampire king who’s come back from the dead, and one very bored princess named Ishtar who is very sheltered and very indifferent to the idea of ruling her country. Or in learning to use magic. Or in doing anything except trying to escape the people trying to teach and protect her. She is a trial to both her teachers and her bodyguard who she has a very not-so-secret crush on. The primary reason for her intense dislike of her role as a princess is that her relatives murdered her parents.

Ironically, she and her relatives are descended from a king who became a saint after defeating Duzell, a vampire king who became very bored and decided to play evil overlord. Phelios sacrificed his life to destroy the wannabe evil overlord by using a spell called “La Gamme” which is a Final Strike type spell that takes out both the caster and the person the spell is aimed at. Before Duzell died he swore he’d return after a hundred years and get revenge on the reincarnation of Phelios and destroy his family. Continue reading

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